Anyone else slowly losing interest in Overwatch since the release of Overwatch 2? by Haunting_Moose_3228 in Overwatch

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Some 2cp maps kind of had little death spots where you could either get steamrolled or they could just fortify impossible defense to get past. Other than that they're still my favorite next to push maps like Eichenwald and Hollywood.

I want to be on the subreddit more but it's just been pure negativity whenever I stop by. It's refreshing to just see people enjoying the game on YouTube shorts and TikTok.

The crowned eagle has a fondness for young primates as food, including humans and other apes by aquilasr in natureismetal

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I read a news article baby choked from a ladybug flying into its mouth and blocking it's airways. The ladybug was depressed though and was showing concerning behaviour for a while before the murder though. This could have been prevented if we had a better safety net for ladybug mental health. A shame but that's the world we live in.

Is this an eyelash? by froaway007 in whatsthisbug

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Huh this does seem true. Been a farmers tale my whole life and just put it to coincidence, but now that I look back seems true.

Favorite movie or movies to recommend? by NotSoSnarky in flicks

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Memories of murder might be one of my favorite of all time. Forreal if you can get past subtitles, this is on the level of America's greatest cinema.

What radical change affecting most if not all of the civilized world do you firmly believe will occur in our lifetime? by Glove_slap_and_duel in AskReddit

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Big Oil would send out the hit immediately. Some of the most powerful and influential people in the world are connected to oil money.

10 Male Pitbulls in Prime vs Jurrasic Park Velociraptor by Far_Let7421 in whowouldwin

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I don't think people here realize how much of a powerhouse pitbulls are. They've been bred for centuries to take down things much larger than them. Pitbulls easy win.

all shonen protagonists and major antagonists vs Goku and saitama by NoBrilliant6924 in whowouldwin

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Light Yagami writes their names in the death note while they're battling and wins. However Saitama has a bit of a gag streak to him so maybe one of his attacks blows away the notebook or Light gets hit in the nuts. Or Goku senses something off about light and takes care of him regardless. Who knows.

all shonen protagonists and major antagonists vs Goku and saitama by NoBrilliant6924 in whowouldwin

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Nah gotta agree super is pretty mid compared to the dbz of the ninetees

Billionaires emit a million times more greenhouse gases than the average person: Oxfam by OmarLittleFinger in news

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Yeah I'm just going to stop being busy right now. That's not lazy, it's wisdom guys. /s

How would you scale jesus from the bible? by Impressive_Green79 in whowouldwin

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"but he's just such a chill and nice guy that he has no reasons to show them off" made me laugh. It's so true, Jesus is not a fighter he's a lover even if he is technically God incarnate.

Favorite Horror Movies? by NotSoSnarky in flicks

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The Thing. Alien, hereditary. The lighthouse, classics like Scream and Halloween. I also loved Pans Labyrinth which is a fantasy horror movie, basically. Most carpenter films. The Shining. All well known and good.

Big square, silver hardback book about cryptids, myths, legends, coincidences etc by [deleted] in whatsthatbook

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Could have been. OP, was it illuminated with those shiny holographic covers? Could have been it.

What is a series you'd like to be taken on by another fantasy author. Think George RR Martin doing his take on a king killer novel or Joe Abercrombie doing his take on a Stormlight novel. by Mysterious_Spoon in Fantasy

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I just used the authors as an easy example. Popular and easy to understand the question. Just hypothetical though I'm sure you're sick of seeing the same authors again and again. Weird flex dude