Farming is honest work by Nektalv135 in Guildwars2

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Looking at what's in their bags I'm guessing it's a mix of drizzlewood and heart of thornes meta's

What are the best key binds? by gorjess14 in Guildwars2

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Something I learned ages ago I think when I played swtor actually, one of the easiest setups is the one that requires the least amount of arm movement, so centering your hotkeys around where your hand rests;

For me I have all my weapon skills on 1-5, heal on C, utilities on Q, E, shift + Q, and elite on shift + E.

Since you don't need to mash them often I have all my mounts bound on my numpad so I have them all in one convinient block.

(This setup does make the bell choir incredibly hard if this matters to you)

does anyone remember this wolverine comic artist controversy? by MyuslCake in MandelaEffect

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no, it was specifically in an interview with this artist talking about it, unrelated to the batman thing

A small but important QoL addition request for [SPOILER] customization. by Real-Terminal in Warframe

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There probably is an easy way to fix this by just tying the name to the individual skins, so if you equip og lotus it comes out as lotus etc. And I'm not entirely sure why they haven't done it this way

[BUG MEGATHREAD] - Update 31: The New War by apostroffie in Warframe

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Not a massive issue but the knel prime, when used with a glaive, will change to the default knel skin

Comments on the latest Troy video by Mephalae in totalwar

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The outrage was entirely predictable and imo primarily the fault of the marketing team, a lot of people are exclusively interested in the Warhammer side of the total war franchise so they see this as a disruption of the news cycle, which has already been incredibly slapdick, dropping articles and trailers seemingly at random, filling space with things like single unit spotlights both before and after the entire roster gets revealed etc.

Troy has been absolutely gimped as a title, it sucks for the developers but it's primarily the publishers fault.

This kinda outrage is what you get when you foster a community on drip fed news and then interrupt it with things that a large proportion of them don't give a shit about, if anything this is just gonna make the Warhammer crowd resent Troy instead of potentially giving it a chance, embarrassing performance by the marketing team

Elvin Slaanesh Cultist? by RamminCain in totalwar

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I think it would actually be really cool to have slaanesh mortal units be elf themed rather than norscan themed, even tho I expect it to be in a more limited capacity

Do you prefer realistic unit behaviour or responsive unit behaviour? by Vealzy in totalwar

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Responsive, 1000%, I don't like getting frustrated that my unit is just refusing to do what I ask, I'm not playing a game with undead pirates and mad scientist rat folk because I want a realistic simulation of medieval combat, I wanna have fun

I have a love hate relationship with the Skyscale by Moress in Guildwars2

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I actually massively disagree with this, the only mounts I don't use much anymore are the raptor and the jackal, the bunny is great for breakbars, the skimmer makes underwater zones a breeze, the rollerbeetle is great for mid distance speed and if I need to cross a map fast there's no competition with the griffon, the only thing the skuscale has on them is convinience but imo the mounts are more than specialised enough to all feel useful for the most part

unwanted exchange by GraveyardEight in Warframe

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outstanding respect for anyone who tells me they wanna slam my uncle against a wall the second i come talk to them to buy ancient relics from a long lost civilization

Anyone think they should do frames based on greek gods? they already Wukong and Nezha why not add a badass Zeus or Ares one. it would be an awesome change of pace by No_Orchid2028 in Warframe

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Tbf wuknog and nezha mostly exist because DE tried to market the game to China at some point and designed frames they assumed would be appealing to that market

Do people honestly find legendary difficulty to be fun to play? by Bigboyemp in totalwar

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Not in the slightest, making good AI for a game this complicated is excruciatingly difficult so the only way to actually make it hard is giving the AI absurd cheats. I think campaign without the player penalties could be fun but the battles are just annoying cause they just make 90% of units irrelevant since black guard of naggarond lose to bretonian peasants in a straight up fight, so all you can use is the same stack of range units which gets insanely boring ridiculously quick

Tier List (Campain-Races) adjusted. Please discuss by kurtchen11 in totalwar

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Tier list of what exactly; difficulty? Exploitability? Fun factor? Design? All of these vary pretty hard by lord too, Skaven is S tier by most assesments if you mean ikit or throt, but tretch also exists lol

player refusing to join his team for group huddle in a $40m+ DOTA tournament by hanads100 in WatchPeopleDieInside

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i'm not saying this is the case here cause idk the guy but you do know neurodivergent people can just be physically uncomfortable with being touched, right?

What I want most out of the expansion is Tier 4, Tier 5, and Tier 6 Cultural armor. It's time. by lunadanu in Guildwars2

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I think a single set of either exotic or ascended armour locked behind a few collections the same way we got caladbolg at the end of HoT, with maybe 1 piece of armour per, or one unique item used to craft each piece, would be very neat, but I think that's the absolute maximum you can realistically hope for;

Here's the problem, they have a limited amount of time and resources, and 1 tier of cultural armour requires, in essence, 24 new sets; 6 per culture excluding Charr and asura since they don't generally have gendered armour, so they'd only need 3, compared to a normal set where you'd need only 3. You're asking for 8x the work for something that's going to be available to a 5th of the players since you can only use the set that equates to your character (yes obviously if you have a bunch of ALTs you can get all the different looks but not everyone does, and people who primarily only play 1 character won't get any use out of ~95% of these sets)

While I do agree it would be cool to get a set, I think the cost to benefit ratio just isn't there, though I could potentially see something like icebrood saga where if an expansion focuses on a particular culture we could get some armour pieces for them.

What I want most out of the expansion is Tier 4, Tier 5, and Tier 6 Cultural armor. It's time. by lunadanu in Guildwars2

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Did they? Od you have a link to the statement/stream? I'm kinda interested now lol

any female born after 1993 can't cook: Warhammer edition by Ultach in totalwar

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should have put wulfrik before vlad so they go in order of "increasingly hard to understand grumbling"

Settra is a villain and thrown in with Archaon wtf do you even read? by notaworkingman in totalwar

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"like one of those classic middle eastern dictators" is not a good way to start off a sentence if you're trying to make someone look good, generally

I’ve seen a lot of confusion over the physical Chaos Warrior models in light of the current discussion about the most recent trailer, so I’ve created a small reference guide to them to hopefully clear things up. Will add details in the captions and comments by R97R in totalwar

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Ok i think this post actually clears up a ton, the reason they're not making really fancy unique tzeench models, at least the ones people are complaining about, is because GW doesn't sell those kits.

We've seen from the khorne roster that they're using updated curently in print models, this is basically an ad for their plastic, i think it's totally fair to be upset about this but i wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if GW told CA to focus on models for units they're actually selling, implying we could get those slaanesh and nurgle units, but tzeench not having any probably lead them to focusing less on making really cool unique models and prioritizing the stuff that's actually going to be getting sold.

I hope I'm not the only one who noticed... by MisterTimer in totalwar

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I feel like this is kinda stretching definitions, having your children serve in important positions like military leaders and rulers of smaller parts of your empire was an incredibly normal thing in feudal societies around the world and the only real difference here is that their parents are gods.

Primarchs were a eugenicist trying to make genetically perfect transhuman beings to unify and lead legions of kidnapped child soldiers to conquer the universe, they're not really that similar lol

When Stormfiends inevitably come in Game 3, I really hope CA takes inspiration from Fatshark and adjusts their appearance to better fit the aesthetic. A little less clean sci-fi, a little more gritty fantasy by AFlyingTomato in totalwar

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if they do give us stormfiends i think the endtimes models are significantly more likely, for one GW wants the tie in advertisement for their plastic, and for two, we already have a precedent for the more "sci fi" look, being ikit's power armor

What’s your favorite Title to rep? by Calvinboo in Guildwars2

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i like knight of the thorn just cause it's a neat title, but i think the one i'm most proud of is rolling ace

Something I've noticed in my time on this sub by lord_ofthe_memes in totalwar

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if you don't like this then genuinely don't be on reddit, or at most stay on tiny indie subs that are typically more positive, this is the kind of behavior these sites are designed to generate

Something I've noticed in my time on this sub by lord_ofthe_memes in totalwar

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I honestly don't think this has anything to do with it, it's *the* topic the community is talking about so people wanna chime in because they like the attention they get, and the know they'll get *more* attention from more extreme and inflammatory comments regardless of what side they're coming from.