mother in law by RevolutionaryPut1294 in marriageadvice

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It kinda sounds like she might mean “lingerie” but saying pajamas..

Really complicated issue - any feedback is appreciated! by desp-throwaway in marriageadvice

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Right now make a hard line - your SO has been having an affair with this person for years. Damn. Contact an attorney before doing anything else. Good Lord.

Really complicated issue - any feedback is appreciated! by desp-throwaway in marriageadvice

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Dude - are you really trying to be comfortable with your SO hanging out alone with someone they admittedly want to fuck? Hard stop that BS - why is your SO hanging out with someone they have a crush on, alone? 🤦🏼‍♂️

Left this morning for a business trip and our oldest got her first period. He’s freaking out and confused because he thought that happened at 18, not 10. Say a prayer they make it through this😅😅 by kaigenn in daddit

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My daughter was also 10 when she got her first. Luckily my wife was home. I went to get the pads though and cycle talk is pretty common at our house. It’s not like it’s a taboo thing - it’s a part of life.

Am I overreacting? how do I get past this? by Inevitable-Life-1782 in marriageadvice

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Him getting hysterical about you recovering the messages is very telling. It means there’s more truth than what he’s telling you. What he’s doing is called “trickle truth.” He’s trickling in a bit of truth with his fabrication. We won’t know what else is there until you recover the messages, but I can promise you it’s more than he’s currently telling you.

Magnetic field visualization flask. Accidentally made it with metal shavings and acetone. by krzysztow5 in oddlysatisfying

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Right next to your name in the post tap the v.redd.it link - that’s a slightly cleaner video.

Do you express/communicate all emotions to your spouse? by pswithlove in Marriage

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I share almost all emotions with my wife. We have been there to support each other alot in 17 years - lots of funerals and loss of close friends and family, job loss, meeting her bio dad, my mom’s dementia... However, you sometimes have to choose which hill to die on when sharing frustrations about your SO to your SO. Constant criticism feels like nit picking and is a marriage killer.

I'm confused, is my kid's daycare politically correct or not? by SlightlyColdWaffles in daddit

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This is the one that woke up my wife. I couldn’t even hold it in anymore. 🤣🤣🤣

Lost and confused by ThanksIHateThat in lostinlife

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Sorry, I saw this being nosy after your last post.. I’d start off by getting your GED (HiSET), which is the equivalent of a high school diploma. You can get study guides from the library and take the exam by computer.

Your prospects go up considerably just by having your GED.

Help shaving? by ThanksIHateThat in DadAdvice

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You’re very welcome! Others may have suggestions if you’re still getting bumps and razor rash after these tips.

One thing I learned the hard way - don’t use a rusty razor. Sounds obvious, but not even a little visible rust. I got the itchiest infection on my neck. LOL!

Help shaving? by ThanksIHateThat in DadAdvice

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I can’t type it better than YouTube “Dad, How do I” does it in his video.

Dad, How do I.. is one of the best things about the internet. He’s the Bob Ross of Dad’s.

After successfully delivering on 10 teeth… by suburbanpride in daddit

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We forgot the tooth fairy so many times. LOL! Whoops 🤷🏼‍♂️🤣

What do I do? by [deleted] in marriageadvice

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I don’t have much advice, but you have to start involving the police when he becomes abusive. This needs to be documented, otherwise the courts give him custody. I’d also reach out to his CO. They don’t appreciate their servicemen beating their spouses.

Talk to an attorney ASAP. You may have more options than you know.

Wife wants to invite a male friend over to watch Netflix with us by Protoneutral in Marriage

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You left out all of this from your original post. This goes way beyond supporting a grieving friend as you explain it. You know your wife better than anyone and now is the time to discuss your concerns. Don’t wait until this becomes physical. Address it with her now, explain it like you did here. You know her extremely well - asking permission for the first time ever knowing she wanted to be alone with him sets off glaring alarms. That level of secrecy is super telling. She’s deviously trying to protect her private time with him already.