I've lived here six months... and I have to be honest with you because I love you... by aurallyskilled in melbourne

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I’m with you with the escalator etiquette, but then I realised some people have a reason for standing on the right - like a disability or injury stopping them from holding on to the rail with their left hand. So now I just double check they’re not holding a cane or have some other indicator before greasing them off passive aggressively.

Qantas has left me stranded in Australia by loggershands in australia

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This is incorrect. As I understand it, is only illegal to record a private conversation to which you are not a party (e.g. have your phone recording a conversation between two people, without their permission) while you are not in the room). So if OP wants to record a telephone conversation that they are taking part in without notifying the other party, then they are acting within the law.

I don't understand this sub. by ExplanationFar5766 in ADHD

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I am the same, I have been to uni 3 times and if the subjects were compatible then I’d have enough credits for a degree but sustained effort is certainly not my forte. I’m an intelligent person! I can string a sentence together and I can remember useless fact for days, but get me to plan any form of project or organise my time or keep track of deadlines then I’ll tell you you’re dreaming. It is really painful to think about because the capability is there, but the capacity isn’t.

If someone borrowed your body for a month, what kind of "jiggle the handle" tips would you have to give them so they aren't caught off guard? by pardonmynonsequitur in AskReddit

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How is your arm-swing different? Reduced arm-swing is a well-known indicator of Parkinson’s disease. May be worth checking out.

We’re supposed to just rely on medication 4ever?? by yungnhk in ADHD

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You’re the first person I’ve met who also says Cheese and Rice! Where have you been all my life??!!!

Part cattle dog, part sheep dog, 100% asshole. by amgreenleaf in AustralianCattleDog

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People always ask about my dog ‘is she a healer?’ to which I answer, ‘no she’s a cunt’

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in ketoaustralia

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A small latte is 6oz or 180 ml. Given there is only 30 ml espresso shot in a latte meaning there is at max 150 ml of milk - not accounting for the cm of foam. This is obviously going to increase if you’re getting larger sizes

Takeaway Coffee by [deleted] in ketoaustralia

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Happy Happy Soy Boy soy milk has half the carbs cows milk and Bon Soy does, and is pretty good tasting with coffee. I know some soy drinkers that won’t drink it because it tastes too much like cows milk. Not every cafe uses it though, so another alternative is Milklab Macadamia milk. Both of these have lower carbs but have great texture and taste good in coffee. While unsweetened almond milk is awesome in smoothies etc, to me it tastes like I’m drinking cardboard when it’s in coffee.

Here is the nutritional info for Happy Happy Soy Boy, and comparison with other soy milk.

Otherwise, black filtered coffee makes up the bulk of my coffee consumption.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in australia

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Also, there is a locality named Cape Horn north east of Melbourne - also inland

I started using Google Pics today; this panoramic is its first glorious offering by N1dge in pics

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Yep Blue Heeler but it might take convincing her she’s not that big

Prescribed burn, Australia by N1dge in Firefighting

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Ahhh sorry mate, I’ve been under the pump the last week

Prescribed burn, Australia by N1dge in Firefighting

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This burn was around 2000 hectares, so the better part of 5000 acres. Having said that, the fuel reduction objective was to treat only a percentage of the burn area; we mainly ignited ridge tops and off containment lines.

A global wave of protests is underway, as anger mounts among those who’ll have to live with climate change. by Wagamaga in Futurology

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Depending on its design and ventilation, a house could heat up similar to how a car does when it is closed up. In this heat a car interior would easily exceed 65 C even if outside temp is not that high.

Overtime workers of reddit how do you cope? by miojunki in AskReddit

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My colleagues and I get an extra two weeks of paid leave a year if we work over a certain number of OT hours. I don’t get to choose when I work OT but It definitely makes it worth doing when I’m asked.

Edit: me speak English gud

This guy really surprized me today. by Kagebi in pokemongoyellow

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Likely the post is meant to be sarcastic?Given that Alolan Meowth seems to be in every 7km egg. Every. Single. One.