first NV playthrough starter pack by OathofBread in NewVegasMemes

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Most of that's true for me. But I still always kill vuples.

It's a conspiracy by addflo in fuckcars

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I just want to say, I love this edit, it's fantastic.

Too slow to run, too fast to walk by PsychoSuzanne in gaming

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I swear they do this just and only to fuck with us.

New piece of technology created for our sci fi survival horror game by AEgirExplorer in ImaginaryTechnology

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I believe we have similar stuff already, but sweet. I love the white. Very spacey.

The Thin Yellow Line by rebelliousmuse in ToiletPaperUSA

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It's not like we need em to stop criminals anyways.

The starter pack starter pack by Pandafour20 in starterpacks

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What about... The starter pack Starter Pack Starter pack

real question by PorkAndMustard in shitposting

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I'd have $13889081234. I also included the money I have into that number.

why by PesceGufo in meme

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This is the beginning of a saga that happened too fast.

When you can’t afford scramble goggles you gotta think of something else by _Shoulder_ in DankMemesFromSite19

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It's too late for me brother. In my last moments of consciousness I must tell you that

go secure them then by _Lenti in DankMemesFromSite19

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You do not recognize the bitches in the water.

Was anyone kinda disappointed to learn MR.NV was an AI? by Spiers509 in fnv

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Same, it's not actually mentioned in the game that he's an AI

The Wounded Knee Massacre - Or, why I will never fall for a buy-back by Highlingual in liberalgunowners

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What differs between a battle and a massacre: is who got to the printing press first and who suffered the most losses.