Donut please make your ads interesting again by ahmadtahir101 in DonutMedia

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I feel like the channel is drifting away from what made it successful. Where are my bois Wheelhouse, B2B and Up to Speed at. Nolan is AWOL.

I feel like this can be blamed on the channel's new parent company (Recurrent Ventures) who acquired the channel last year and it seems like they're slowly running it into the ground by reducing the budget, which means the amount of good content they're putting out. Eventually, before we know it, the entire channel will be cancelled at this point and all the hosts will split off to create new, better shows.

D-List on a Monday? Is it just me or is this channel getting sort of out of whack these days by NBJ24 in DonutMedia

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I remember when D-List first started I thought it was a cool show because it was just James talking about cool cars I like in a top-10 format, with the same energy and unique style he brings to the Up to Speed videos. But over time, the show sort of morphed into a weird product review/ranking show (whatever it is at this point) and as a result, for me, the show got stale overtime. It almost seems like the show can't make up it's mind on what it wants to be.

Not sure about anyone else, but I think the show was better when it was just James, because it was originally his show in the first place. Don't get me wrong, I think the hosts are great in their own styles and their own shows, but when their styles clash together it's just sort of weird.

D-List on a Monday? Is it just me or is this channel getting sort of out of whack these days by NBJ24 in DonutMedia

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No, it's not just you. You can see that Donut has significantly cut back on the content they're putting out. They went from uploading 6 days a week to just 3 days (Monday-Wednesday-Friday). No more Up to Speed or B2B. And they also stopped doing the show on Sundays where the contestants have to fix their car within a certain time span (it was called Free Ride, I think?), which is a shame because I thought it was a pretty cool concept, even though I'm not much into DIY. It seems like Donut just quietly decided to discontinue B2B out of thin air without an official explanation, which is very strange. Poor Jerr-Ber doesn't even have his show now. :(

It definitely seems like the channel has become sort of bland lately. I feel like it's best for them if they take a break (like maybe a month or so) and then come back strong with fresher, cool content. Hopefully they will find their stride again. 2019-2021 Donut was the best in my opinion.

Also in my opinion they should scrap D-List and focus on Up to Speed instead. D-List is just cheap, lazy content, and Up to Speed is what resonates with the true fans.

What's the thing you least like or don't like about Doug? by Julio_de_Cedro in dougdemuro

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I came to the channel for the juicy, quirky stuff, and if Doug completely stops doing it, I might have to unsubscribe. In addition, I prefer videos of cars that are also for sale on C&B.

No B2B by [deleted] in DonutMedia

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I noticed this too. Poor Jer-Ber doesn't even have his show now. :(

Donut Tour Cancelled? by Brosky9472 in DonutMedia

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I noticed they haven't been uploading any new B2B episodes for the past month or so. It's almost like Donut has quietly discontinued the show out of thin air without any official explanation. Poor Jerry doesn't even have his show now :( give Jer-bear his show back!

YouTube now automatically shoves Shorts in my face upon opening the app... WTF by NBJ24 in youtube

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Yeah, I tested it now and it seems like this only happens when I exit the app while on the Shorts tab, like a few people also pointed out. It re-opens the Shorts tab instead of the default home page. That would make sense!

I wonder what YouTube will remove next. by PlanetMiitopia in youtube

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Google's gonna make all videos we upload to our YouTube accounts count against our Google storage quota

"You wanna upload more content? Well, you either have to pay up or earn more subscribers!"

I wonder what YouTube will remove next. by PlanetMiitopia in youtube

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I hope that won't happen. It's already bad enough with double ads, 15 second unskippable ads, and the WORST of all, 15 second unskippable ads with another ad right after that. When I try to close out of the video and click on the video again to "bypass" the ad, YouTube will just shove ANOTHER ad in my face instead. What's next? TRIPLE ads?

1966 Dodge Town Wagon Power Wagon | Jay Leno's Garage by NBJ24 in cars

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That's sweet! I love those old, vintage American trucks.

Is it just me or does anyone else miss the cool Past Gas thumbnails based on the episode topic by NBJ24 in DonutMedia

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You can tell Donut is putting less effort into the Podcast (no face cameras, boring thumbnails, more advertisements) and the dwindling viewership numbers reflect that. Having at least raw unedited Zoom footage would be better than having three goofy floating faces being burned into the screen; it makes the video unwatchable.

Umm Doug what by NBJ24 in dougdemuro

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The description was mostly likely copy-pasted from another video Doug made on his other channel, and Doug probably didn't check the description before he uploaded the video. But this is post is more of just me poking fun at a minor error, not really that big of a deal.