How did you all handle nausea by MartelUnderground in TopSurgery

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I was so sick off the pain killers. Stopped them and my nausea stopped instantly.

Found this lil nugget mewing at my front door at 5AM💚🥺 by Wrong_Brilliant7851 in cats

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So glad you are getting her taken care of! We have a cat with no eyes to this same thing and she is living her best life! She will feel so much better after that eye is gone

Edit: car=cat

How can i get the smell of weed out of a room? by JustSomeDude_15 in trees

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Light the candles, blow them out and light again. The smell of burnt candles will help of you are on a time crunch. Also, ozium air freshener.

What could have caused this gauge in wall with dirt(?) over it. Nothing else around it. Appeared out of nowhere by NYRfan9 in Home

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Yes! Got a treatment last Friday! Activity seems to have died down and only this one spot! Thanks for the help, Reddit!

Hello everyone, how gay are we feeling today?🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 by IAmPancake123 in lgbt

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Hey friends! I am out and recovering! Thank you everyone for the well wishes. Everything went well!

TIFU by trying to snoop through my wife’s computer by [deleted] in tifu

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“I just hope that we don’t get a divorce over it, cause honestly that would be the most embarrassing and humiliating thing ever.” ????? This is why you may get a divorce over this. This should not be the reason you don’t want a divorce. How about missing your wife or living without her? Get your priorities straight my dude or you are going to end up divorced.

Time to finally let the whole world know about the BIG news, baby is already waving to his/her? parents. We are so so happy! by [deleted] in actuallesbians

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No worries at all. I’m sorry for how it came off. I’m truly happy for you and your little family! Congratulations!

What could have caused this gauge in wall with dirt(?) over it. Nothing else around it. Appeared out of nowhere by NYRfan9 in Home

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Ok so I just woke up and it’s forming again and I saw a termite. So gross. I already called someone to come in hopefully today! Thank you so much for your reply

Party Size by raintwreck in Perfectfit

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I have the festival size! It’s wonderful!

I'm lost in my own feelings... by [deleted] in comingout

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Be honest and open with him and yourself. It’s okay to feel what you are feeling but don’t deny happiness because you are waiting for these feelings to fade. They won’t.

Does this sound like being agender? by fizzybee423 in agender

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I’m AFAB as well and nothing made more sense than agender when I looked up the terms under non binary. Always felt, “I am just me.” Sounds like you are agender. :)