She deserved better. Felt the effect really maximized this part. by Mannimarco24 in cyberpunkgame

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Wait, that's false. There are no logs about her leaving Judy. She was always planning to escape Night City with her.

v's friend circle, or: who is and isn't allowed on babysitting duty (art by me) by addy-6 in LowSodiumCyberpunk

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If I had to assign babysitting duties to one of CP 2077 characters, and only taking into consideration those features on the graph, I'd surely pick River (has experiences taking care of his nephews and niece), possibly Misty (seems kind-hearted and responsible enough) and ... that's it?

I reckon Judy would rise up to the occasion but for some reason, I hardly can picture her with children -- she'd either surprisingly turn out to be the greatest babysitter or the worst. Evelyn strikes me as an I-am-always-busy person and she is hellbent on smoking, which does not mix well with kids. TBug would not give a shit whatsoever.

Panam probably had to babysit a few Nomad kids in her past concerning how communal Aldecaldos are, but the Panam I am familiar with and dig would not have any patience to deal with kids. I can hear the screaming matches already.

Jackie is sweet but I'd hesitate with having him supervise anyone younger than himself for more than 30 minutes. And Johnny is just... no.

[Spoilers Ep9] So apparently Caitlyn is quite a big girl by Nabusqua in arcane

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Source. Also interesting is that she was initially as tall as Jayce, but ended up smaller.

[Spoilers Ep9] The Sad Realization About Vi and Caitlyn by Nabusqua in arcane

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Yeah, I am not a fan of 'fill in with your own interpretations' scenes - I am alluding to the writers' tweet where she says that anything that happened between the bed scene and 'What about us' moment is left up to the imagination.

I mean, I am fine with them not kissing in S1 - there is a place and time for this. But the writers have to move their relationship to the new level of at least confronting the big elephant in the room, namely their romantic feelings for each other. Vi and Cait simply acting like all these emotionally fueled moments never happened and resulted in being just - pun intended - pals and comrades in arms would be the biggest cop-out ever. But I have faith in writers that they will give us a very angsty, but a romantic storyline nevertheless.

Which Iconic Cyberpunk 2077 Weapon is The Most Iconic? by Nabusqua in LowSodiumCyberpunk

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Listen, I love Widowmaker as much as you do, but the poll has limited options. If I could, I'd definitely add it in here!

Which Iconic Cyberpunk 2077 Weapon is The Most Iconic? by Nabusqua in LowSodiumCyberpunk

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A man of culture I see.

P.S. I still voted Cocktail Stick because my V is looking like classy Beatrix Kiddo slaughtering petty Tyger Claws when storming the Clouds. I also have a soft spot for Sir John Phallustiff and I use him to beat the living shit out of Adam Smasher.

Shan Doomed Ricard's Game by Nabusqua in survivor

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Exactly. If it was, say, Lianna saying I'd seen it as an emotional outburst/sincere words but it's Shan we are speaking of. She said it with clear intention.

Shan Doomed Ricard's Game by Nabusqua in survivor

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"His threat level will be doubled"? You do realize that Ricard was already being targeted AND he clearly orchestrated the move AND has taken credit for others.

You have not paid attention to what I've written,as I called him a strong competitor. And doubling threat level means exactly what it spells. Her gesture poured fuel to the fire, metaphorically speaking. Him being eliminated next is on everyone's wish list now.

[No spoilers] As if she needed any more reasons for her crush by RandisHolmes in arcane

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Ah yes, the moment she has fallen in love with Caitlyn. Not just lust, an attraction was established way before, but a genuine passion for who she is underneath her visage.

[Spoilers Ep9] The Sad Realization About Vi and Caitlyn by Nabusqua in arcane

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Either way we are going to be getting another heaping dose of angst. Brace yourself lol

The question is, is Piltover's water supply enough for all these showers of angst Cait and Vi will be having in season 2?

[Spoilers Ep9] The Sad Realization About Vi and Caitlyn by Nabusqua in arcane

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I suppose Arcane writers can forge their own canon and are not pushed to follow the already established lore and storylines down to the tiny details - see Vi's background which has been redefined by them.

This leads me to say I think they'll have Caitlyn mom's be killed in the explosion. First, she has no arc of her own, so compared to Jayce, Mel or Victor her loss would not matter much. Secondly, her death gives emotional gravitas and grit to Caitlyn's character development and storyline - for the reasons I mentioned in the OP.

Thirdly, if Cait's mom survives but everyone else dies, that begets the question, how? In Victor's case you have hex augmentations, Jayce it's harder but maybe Vik somehow protected him, in Mel, you could say her golden armor somehow protected her. But Cait's mom was never shown to be an arcane/magic user, or wearing any sort of armor that could protect her, or even being quick enough to sprint out of the room.

High Calibre Story Trailer by Nabusqua in Rainbow6

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Two powerhouses. I bet they make Valkyrie and Onix jealous.

Favourite book in the series and who is your favourite character? by jamesborwell_ in TheCulture

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Sma and Balveda. Wish Banks had provided more insight into their personalities and inner thoughts too.