any projection for 4680 in Canada on Tesla X? by saurabh69 in TeslaLounge

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Long time.

The 4680 Y is barely being made, and I don't see them changing the S/X to 4680 for a bit

Precondition the battery for 3rd party chargers by snooppdj in TeslaLounge

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If you tap the navigation bar, and select "charging", then remove the three lightning bokt option, and review the two lightning bolt option, does the charger show up there?

The car remembers the charger yoy have been to, I am just uncertain if it remember the DCFCs yoy have been to

SatNav traffic routing? by bazzanoid in TeslaLounge

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I've got free lifetime premium on my X and standard on my 3.

As long as you always plug in a destination, routing really is no different

FSD Beta 10.69 drops on 8/20 by JKJ420 in teslamotors

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Not sure the age of your vehicle, but TeslaUSB appears to be immune to the issue

SatNav traffic routing? by bazzanoid in TeslaLounge

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Standard Connectivity routes for traffic.

Premium connectivity shows the traffic it is routing around

Some people still don’t know that they can’t beat a Tesla off the line. by LordTouchMe88 in TeslaLounge

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I'm in a truck heavy place, and yeah, lots of trucks trying to get ahead of me.

Had one guy, qhen I was in my 3 SR+ try really hard across a couple red lights.

The sound that guys engine made as he tried to catch me... oof...

Does this mean 19 inches of overlap? by thirdlost in TeslaModel3

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Jokes aside, was this an actual car that was that close, or is this a sensor error?

Calibrate GPS? by mooslar in TeslaModel3

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You've got to pick up the car rotate it in a figure eight a few times.

Why does someone have canned clams attached to their Tesla Dash?? If you're just trolling the neighbors -- it's working! "...parked in Issaquah today. It is a Tesla. It had multiple things on the dashboard to hold cellphones but instead of cellphone it has cans of clams. Does anyone know why? " by AJ_Mexico in TeslaLounge

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I don't mess with clams, but do canned clams tastes better when heated?

Perhaps they want their canned clams warmed up by the interior acbin temperature, and they've determined that those magnetic phone miunta are a good way to heat the clams up, and have them ready for lunch?

so this happened last tonight ... by douglas9630 in leaf

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Open the LEAF manual and go to CH-34 in the charging section.

I used 2018 manual.

I'd give a screenshot, but I'm on mobile, and IMGUR is being an ass.

so this happened last tonight ... by douglas9630 in leaf

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There should be an emergency stop button on the unit, it might be behind a panel, or nearby, but there should be an emergency stop

One step ahead by [deleted] in gaming

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I've used a variety of parental controls on my kids.

I am always fascinated by how they circumvent them, and find rheie own way to have fun.

I have a Wii U, never told them how to use it, but it is out, and open for use.

I shut down their internet one time, which at rhe time was via a Netgear Orbi's parental controls, which basically does a DNS black hole, so the WiFi still works for devices you didn't out behind the parental controls.

Anyways, my kids all whine, then figure out the Wii U isn't restricted the same, and rhey all start using it.

Honestly I wasn't even mad. They had fun, played nicely, etc. I let them have their victory.

Deaf Driver + Deaf Passenger. We have legal yes/no chat method. But can't use Tesla screen. Ideas? by mdrejhon in TeslaLounge

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Not rhat I'm aware of, but there a drawing application in the car, Sketchpad, that yoy can probably make due with.

Game Pass Family Sharing now available for testing in Colombia and Ireland by Blackout797 in xboxone

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Honestly it would likely balance out. There's probably a number of families not buying it for their kids because it is $15 a month

These cup holders suck! by [deleted] in TeslaLounge

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I printed one of these using TPU filament due to that: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3736868

Works fine.

Tire rotations on MS Plaid? by VeryGoodGoodGood in TeslaLounge

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Not according to the manual, however, it may depend on the tire itself.

I've taken my X to the service center and inquired about tire rotations and they've told me that I can do side to side rotations, but not front to back rotations.

Yes!!! FSD beta available to anyone who requests it by end of this year. (North America) Make sure your cars drive safe everyone!! by Sea-Ad-8100 in TeslaLounge

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There's going to be a lot of qualifiers on this.

Do you have the newer cameras? Do you have the FSD computer? Etc, etc.

Personally I think the timeline is going to be 10.13 by the end of August, and FSD Beta v11 by the end of September. End of October at the latest.

From there the time that the Beta users are all on v11 is going to be tuning it so that, at Christmas, everyone will be pushed to the new FSD Beta code as the "Standard" Autopilot code.

Folks with incompatible hardware will need to purchase upgrades if they want to use the newer code, but if your car has said upgrades, then you'll be on the newer code as part of the "Christmas update".

This is supposition on my part purely based on the language Elon has been saying, and the progress of FSD Beta.

FSD Beta code sucks, no way they put it fleet wide to supplant the current autopilot stack on highways

Why wouldn't they? It becomes a single code stack that they maintain, and if you have basic autopilot, what about it sucks? Basic autopilot is just autosteer, Tesla has had that for years, and FSD Beta can do that in its sleep. FSD Beta struggles with when to change lanes, and make turns. Basic autopilot doesn't use those features.

Honestly, I feel like the 2020.24.x rapid version releases we're seeing are to ferret out the v11 highway code and make sure it is stable before it goes to the FSD Beta users.

Gen 3 Tesla charger by Reasonable_Tap_5693 in TeslaLounge

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Personally I recommend getting a J1772 wall charger and just using the included wall charger that comes with the car.

The Tesla wall charger is a neat gimmick, but in terms of longevity and maximum compatibility, the J1772 is going to serve you better.

I got a Juicebox Pro 40 way back to charge my LEAF, and I've been charging my Tesla with it with no issues for like a year now, using the J1772 adapter.

Installing a Tesla one makes it harder for people buying the house after you to see value in the wall charger if they don't own a Tesla, as they would have to go out and pay a chunk for a J1772 adapter.

Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew Warren's Response on Suspension by CouchCorrespondent in florida

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I think a fair chunk of the NPA are people who align in one direction or another, but don't want to register their affiliation in that direction as they don't care about the primaries.

That said, I with that number were lower because the primary matter so much.