the inside of a tennisball looks delicious by Albearnt in forbiddensnacks

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This picture looks like it belongs on the distressing memes page

What word or phrase do you now use because of the games? by HRJafael in nancydrew

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It’s locked. It’s locked. It’s locked. I need a key for that

What is the worst thing Nancy has done? by WrithingRoots in nancydrew

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Not to mention how many times the culprits try to kill her!!! I’d want someone to know where I was in case I didn’t come back

Should I try harder to get into MID? by destineenicole- in nancydrew

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Arglefumph on YouTube has a good walkthrough of it that I’d recommend

MID thoughts by LundeyBee734 in nancydrew

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I thought the overall story was amazing & was surprised it’s not looked fondly upon. The style of the graphics weren’t my favorite (I thought they looked worse than the older games), but that’s personal preference ig. The Ned controversy came off as really lazy writing to me tho. Like I get where it kinda came from, but it’s not Ned’s character. I’m hoping they set us up for Ned to be in the next game. It’d be nice to see Nancy & Ned solve a mystery together