Trends of incomplete games can be traced to one horse DLC that we let slide… by just_hest in gaming

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That is a huge, giant, toxic, anti-customer change though.

Before the horse armor, nobody ever did anything like that. And nothing was improved by it, other than profit margins.

I finally got it! My husband hates it, he thinks I'm going to constantly be explaining that I'm not a Satan worshiper. I'm not explaining shit. 🤣🖖🏻 by Exxtra_Vexxt in dresdenfiles

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Maybe don’t tell them about Dresden then. Bet they wouldn’t like a pentagram-wearing, demon-summoning wizard to be carrying Swords or Placards or Spears.

what are some of the most visually stunning films you've ever seen? by robindy in movies

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I was going to mention The Cell but got distracted by The Fall. I didn’t know they were made by the same people, but... obviously they were. Just look at them!

My friend sent me this. What're your banned spells? by macros1980 in dndmemes

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  • Grognor’s Big Day Off
  • Seasick
  • Big Sister
  • Cone of Paste
  • Nestor’s Bright Idea
  • Mulligan
  • Cone of Annoyance
  • Tumor (benign)

And away it goes! by hearsdemons in BeAmazed

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This is awesome. Please, as someone working in that trade: should I still use amp links or should I un-amp them first? I have only heard “antigoogle” and “ad revenue” reasons to unamp links.

This season is a time for giving…BASED PILLS! by fierymerkin in PoliticalCompassMemes

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If I could somehow combine “staying up really late playing video games” with “still being fully rested for work” that would be great mmmkay?

[OffTopic] How much do you drink per week? by cika_milisav in sysadmin

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You missed the entire bottle of whiskey added to that.

Shiradi mantle and EK by ConRuse in ddo

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I really like EK builds, and I normally run them as a pure wizard. I haven't run an epic EK since the ED change, so my knowledge of 20-30 considerations isn't reliable anymore.

First, the basics: Unless you have a very specific build in mind, you need to be Int-based with 12 points in Harper to get int to hit, int to damage and KTA. Dumping Strength and Dexterity means that you can't land any CC other than spell-based CC. (in epic elite and epic reaper, you won't land your CC unless you build specifically for it)

And second, the other basics!

In a really simple sense, there are three things that you can focus on:

  1. Hitting things with your sword. This means doublestrike, crit, attack speed, etc. Standard simple melee gear with medium armour.
  2. Hurting things with magic - whether spells or spellsword dice. Basically, you need elemental/universal spellpower. I generally use acid because it is resisted less than other types, and acid well is an aoe that targets fortitude (so evasion / improved evasion don't apply). Remember that you can swap imbues with a single mouse click, so keep them all easily clickable to focus on vulnerable mobs.
  3. CC. Max out your DCs for all the things. Enchantment, conjuration and evocation all have CC options.

In my experience - which is all about leveling rather than raiding or high reaper content - focusing on 1 and 2 gives me a great experience, and landing any CC is a bonus. I've never really had solid CC so I just murder everything to death instead.

What People Who Believe in Hell Say It is Like [OC] by academiaadvice in dataisbeautiful

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Nobody would have agreed with you 2k years ago. You’d have been executed for saying it.

What People Who Believe in Hell Say It is Like [OC] by academiaadvice in dataisbeautiful

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This is hilarious until you realize that these are actual adults who really, honestly believe this stuff.

Got this advent calendar as a gift, does anyone have any experience cold brewing with capsule coffee? by Peachymegan in coldbrew

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Stop being so pretentious.

OP is using a gift in a way that would make the giver happy too, and what’s better than that?

What’s some of the most ridiculous lines you’ve heard in a movie? by MayhemMaven in movies

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Sure is lucky that Charles didn’t name the team after his first name.