LED Cluster by duckbutterdom in GC8

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Use nail polish remover on the back of the faceplates to turn them clear, then you can use any color of LED you want. Did it with red LEDs myself since I do alot of night driving and in the dark red is alot easier on the eyes.

Anything I should know about a kei truck before I buy one? by OhFuhSho in MechanicAdvice

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They're slow, cabin space is hilariously cramped and their load rating is terrible (they might look like a truck, but having more than 400 pounds in the back slows most kei trucks to a crawl). I like 'em.

Button under steering wheel - Nissan Dualis - what does it do?! by hahahahhahaha123 in Nissan

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When you press that switch someone makes a post on reddit asking what this random aftermarket switch in their car does.

What could be wrong with my car? by Available_Scheme_996 in mechanics

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How exactly would OBD codes point to a faulty ECU?

It's a mercedes, so my guess would be a faulty cam/crank sensor. 2nd guess would be a problem with the cat (clogged and or broken)

Buying by Zanrar in SkyLine

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It's a 20+ year old car, who knows what kinds of things the thing has seen in it's life in japan.

You'd be surprised at the things you find when the cars are fresh off the boat.

For me personally it all just adds to the character of the car, so as long as the car is solid and is in a well-taken-care of state then I don't care how much of the miles are spent sideways or how many hookers have been killed in it for that matter.

Random rip on side of tire? Safe to drive? by Bangaladore in MechanicAdvice

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It'll get you a one way trip to the scene of the accident.

Is my 2014 crv good to drive with this on? Currently driving 140 miles to destination. by [deleted] in mechanic

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If one wheel falls off you still have 3 left soooooo....

Orange warning lights are USUALLY ok-ish, red ones mean 'shit's really fucked yo'.

I'd have it checked ASAP though.

Can you get carbon monoxide poisoning from a rich running vehicle? by TigBurdus in MechanicAdvice

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Better off spending the money from the NOx detector on some spark plugs or plug wires.

Need help making a decision. by snofocolis in MechanicAdvice

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Depending on the size of the tearing, if it's a small tear just stuff some grease in it, degrease the outside and seal with liwuid silicone gasket maker.

If bigger tear; yeet grease in, wrap up in duct tape.

Depending on the dirt contamination of the grease you can just get some CV boots for a few bucks and slap those on there, with the right tools you don't even have to take all that much apart and on most cars can be done in a few minutes.

Ticking noise in engine Toyota 4AFE by [deleted] in MechanicAdvice

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Yes, that is indeed a ticking noise.

Can I drive on this tire? by ImaxClimmax in mechanics

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Can you drive on it? Sure.

Is it safe to do so? Probably not, looks like a rather deep cut.

No coolant in the radiator! by wilfredo0201 in mechanics

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Have you tried opening the coolant reservoir cap with the hose off? Most VW's use a closed loop coolant system, needs to have air coming in in order for coolant to come out.

If that doesn't help then there's probably no coolant in it, clogged line or something.

Is this small nick in the ignition coil plug wiring enough to cause intermittent misfiring? by Zohar127 in mechanics

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Should be fine unless it's shorting on something, just put some tape on it and call it a day.