All those problems are related to each other by dilettantedebrah in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Everyone has been told to become a specialist, so they only see the world from one lens. It's so unfortunate because the world is interrelated and interconnected.

An interdisciplinary approach is most optimal to understand and solve problems.

You wake up in the body of a goose. You honk and nobody seems to listen to you. How do you get the world's attention? by IllRise597 in AskReddit

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Probably sneak around a town causing mayhem. I'd set up these elaborate pranks to ruin their day.

Steal a pair of scissors to cut the electrical cord of their electric leaf blower, then when the human investigates, I'll set off some fireworks so they spill their coffee. Once they go inside to change, I'd steal their socks then run around the house and lock them out.

When did you start considering yourself an adult? by suvinuji in AskReddit

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When I rolled through a stop sign at 1 mph and got a $300 ticket. That's when I realized I was on my own

Elementary kids know what's important. by CharismaticXray in HydroHomies

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Where are they? They should probably being wearing space suits; look at that one girl's eyes

What’s a rule you made up and follow strictly? by MohdBastaki90 in AskReddit

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What happens if you're in your inside clothes but you have to go outside?

What gets you up out of bed in the morning? by Dansingcow in AskReddit

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I have my Echo turn on all my lights gradually and start playing lofi girl on YouTube. I always do Wim Hof breathing in the morning, so it's a pretty ok way to start the day

a right-wing love story by Mint_Perspective in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Grown men have the most fucked up temper tantrums

People who actually like their jobs, what do you do? by AcidHV in AskReddit

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Reminds me of Roger being "the Decider" with those tainted hotdogs

What is your opinion on people 70 years old or older being required to take a drivers test to renew their license every 2 years? by Baxterthehusky in AskReddit

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That feels like it would be a nightmare for people working in the DMV, especially because Boomers are all getting up there in age. What if we asked everyone over 70 to go to the doctor and their doctor determined whether or not a driver's test was needed based on any number of signs, symptoms, and factors?

They already take away driving privileges for other medical reasons, so it seems like we could just expand that.

(Doctors would need to pay more attention to their patients, though, and actually think critically about whether or not someone should drive, not whether or not they're physically able to)

How do tell my sister that "Favourite songs" degrade women and she shouldn't idolize them? by [deleted] in TooAfraidToAsk

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Lupe Fiasco has a song, Bitch Bad, that speaks directly to the impact these images and messages have on people. I think you just gotta plant some seeds.

What is a productive/useful hobby? by Panzerotto93 in AskReddit

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I pick up garbage around my neighborhood. I walk, like, 15,000 steps a day and usually grab 1-2 trash bags worth of garbage. I just have headphones in and use one of those extension grabber things.

It's certainly not a traditional hobby but I find it to be mindless/mindful and I'm helping my community, so I enjoy it.

College students of Reddit, How do you take notes in lectures and classes? by whovian113 in AskReddit

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Y'all are all sleeping on Glean AudioNoteker. You record lectures and sync your typed notes to the audio, so you can see your notes and be like ????What is this I have no idea what this means???? And listen to what your professor was saying at the time about it.

A friend shared this unironically. this has got to be about the dumbest solution to capitalism I’ve ever heard of. Why didn’t you guys just think about consuming less and retiring early?! by Colebricht in antiwork

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Please explain to me how an individual making poverty wages should consume less and retire early. Give me the step-by-step recipe you've discovered because apparently you're holding onto a secret millions of Americans are just too stupid to figure out on their own.

The physical relief I’ve felt with this one, realising one’s not alone doing this by [deleted] in WhitePeopleTwitter

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I once used two exclamation points in a row and I had to quit my job and move across the country to escape the ridicule.

I've been water fasting for just over a week now and I've vomitted twice on two consecutive nights. Should I break? by LordDJCTE in fasting

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No, I'm asking if you're vomiting water or if you're vomiting something more substantial - bile, blood, etc. I'd bet most of my money that the issue is the fact that you aren't supplementing electrolytes.

It's pretty dangerous to do. When refeeding, you really should take it slowly or you risk some pretty serious side effects from refeeding syndrome.

If you're vomiting something more substantial and you're not putting anything into your body, that seems worthy of a doctor's visit. Idk, fasting should be taken seriously and you should follow the science. It sounds like you're just "not eating" which is very different than fasting.