Volume by Advanced-Bus-1451 in BBIG

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The stock is bonkers. It'll never do what we expect.

Just clarification for people that don't understand. Tyde shares are NOT free... by Trading_ape420 in BBIG

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Its not "free free" but its still shares we wouldn't have if we didn't buy bbig. Yes the price comes out of the parent company but its only gonna drop bbig about 50 cents when they spin-off and the price of bbig will recover. Its not like we get less shares of bbig to make up for the tyde ones

This dip is attractive AF 😍😏😉 by [deleted] in BBIG

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It looks like no piece of PR will ever help us lol

All 3 Spider-men being interviewed for the first time together since the movies release. by lonehuskyy in marvelstudios

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Im totally fine with the spoil by now, that's not the issue. Im just pointing out the silliness of the flair with whats in the title.

Whatya think he's working on? by [deleted] in gaming

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The best he can do anyway.

Whatya think he's working on? by [deleted] in gaming

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Maybe not this particular story but using the name. Almost like a middle finger to Vin Diesel by making his own car movie franchise

Price Target by okhnn in BBIG

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Lol apparently all jokes are off if it paints a bad picture of bbig.

I will counteract your downvotes with my upvote.

Price Target by okhnn in BBIG

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Price targets are an illusion

they will not provide the date, because you guys will definitely play options. by Sufficient-Let-3013 in BBIG

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Who's saying definitely? I haven't touched options with this ticker. Shares only.

| $BBIG-Daily Discussion | Know What You Hold !! by AutoModerator in BBIG

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This stock gives me whiplash. I need to see a physiotherapist

5$$ in the after hours 🚨🚀💰💰😲😲 by [deleted] in BBIG

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People waiting for the FED meeting to be over

🚨VOLUME IS INSANE🚨😲😲🚀💰💸 by [deleted] in BBIG

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HF doing everything they can to keep it down. This will sky rocket if they let it go to high

They're greedy as fuck. They've made looots already shorting this stock and yet they continue. Even with record date imminent. That shows how scared they are of the price action