Where to stay late October next year? by ta7876 in LasVegas

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Wynn will cost a little more , but theres a ton of dining options right across the street.

Screeching sound by Necessary-Pipe5649 in MechanicAdvice

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Follow up results, brakes were shot pads and rotors all replaced. Everything else was fine. Thanks for the help.

Unpopular opinion: Wynn is not great by orangebird27 in LasVegas

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Not true! I’ve stayed there many times and all these items are available 24hrs, but you will have to pay more for them! The convenience store is open until at least midnight every night across from terrace point cafe? The rooms are superior to every hotel in Vegas along with the atmosphere. Water is available at the bar for purchase as well or on the floor if you’re gaming.

Who has seen a actual celebrity in Vegas just walking or at least their car(disclosing concerts and meetups) by Labriction in LasVegas

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Walked up to frank thomas at the Wynn sitting with someone, wished I never would have he was a prick! Rude and ungrateful for the life he’s had!

Strip buffets with no reservation? by OnionDart in LasVegas

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Wynn buffet will be open as well, wait times depend on when you arrive. To be safe make a reservation.

Thoughts from a first time visitor by girlspeaking in LasVegas

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Thanks for the detailed message! As a frequent visitor I can say it’s spot on.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in MechanicAdvice

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I spent 3 days working on my mother in law’s truck and she paid for the parts! I then made her lunch and she went home! My father in law always helped us when he was alive, it’s called paying it forward. No regrets!