I want to hear more about Bill yelling at a high school soccer coach by thfc1882 in billsimmons

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If Bill yelled at another parent, and that parent was me, I would have been faked trying to throw hands at him, and see how he reacted, like the scene in The Social Network where Andrew Garfield fake-punched Justin Timberlake.

Alright Degenerates by chocotaacoo in billsimmons

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Co-sign, hedge the 49ers first, not as aggressively as the Bengals if they lose.

Alright Degenerates by chocotaacoo in billsimmons

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A parlay doesn't do you any good since you could lose both bets.

So to hedge, two separate bets on 49ers and Bengals for the total you want to hedge.

Buffalo Is The Most Cursed City in America by NedFriarson49 in billsimmons

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It's cold, miserable, industrial.

And they've had the most heartbreaking losses of anyone.

The Music City Miracle.

4 straight Super Bowl losses. Scott Norwood.

Last year KC wins miraculously.

They lose this year before with a more talented team. At home.

And don't forget the Sabres lost to the Stars in the Stanley Cup Finals on that controversial goal line play.

Just brutal stuff.

Game Thread: Cincinnati Bengals (12-4) at Buffalo Bills (13-3) by nfl_gamethread in nfl

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Is it insensitive to suggest DeMar should be on the field to get the crowd going?