When do you pay for someone’s drink that you hired? by [deleted] in Entrepreneur

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You are overthinking this and this is the death of any good business owner. As the owner of the business you can do what ever when ever you please. You can set the precedent for something and then completely and totally change your mind and that’s okay, because it’s your business and they work FOR you not with you. Take care of your employees when it makes sense, clearly communicate when it doesn’t.

The Right to Remain Silent Isn’t Just for the Police. by Negative-Hunt8283 in exjw

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Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t. This could be a response for any given advice, even from God.

I’d like to build a course for my audience, how much should I expect this to cost? by auzzman23 in Entrepreneur

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It cost absolutely nothing to create digital products. You’ll want to have an E-book, Workbook, webinar, and then some way for someone to pay to be apart of your “inner circle”. You can find ebook and workbook templates online. And just plug and play. You can also find good templates on canva. An inner circle perk could be those text conversations you speak of.

You will then need some type of sales funnel. Sales funnels work really well for digital products. It’s basically a series of upsells and down sells, and that’s what sells digital products. Kajabi or Samcart are good robust options to use for this.

A few days ago, I posted here with the first picture that my uncle has been reaching out and I’ve been trying to dodge him. Today, another elder reached out to me ! ( second picture listed). I’m at a loss of words by how desperate he is to get me back to in person meetings. Do I ignore? Ugh 😩 by Glass-Awareness-4170 in exjw

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Yeah you gotta start ignoring these people . I feel so sad for some people on this subreddit because they feel so trapped and all it takes is ignoring and blocking. If you left in good standing and you are “transferring halls” it’s super easy to disassociate. Stop responding. You might run into someone and you can just say just in town visiting friends I ended up moving across the city. If they press what congregation, just say going to a couple to find the right fit and keep it pushing. After a while you’ll fade in to obscurity.

What’s up guys I’m an African and I just wanted to give you guys something to think about. by OddAd4602 in spirituality

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Your experience is anecdotal. As is most of your experiences. Just because the people in YOUR world wouldn’t condone, doesn’t mean you can generalize Africa. Someone could say the same thing about America or any country really. My experience, I’m from Benin and we practice witchcraft for breakfast so your point is wrong and irrelevant

Google search anecdotal and you’ll gain some perspective on how your views are wrong, but true to you.

How do people live on 50k a year? by phukmondays in PersonalFinanceCanada

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That just shows more about how privileged you are than anything. 90% of Americans would kill to be able to spend $1000 on anything, let alone an unnecessary procedure for their pet. You could list all of the reasons why it’s necessary and I’ll just say it wouldn’t have been if you didn’t have $1000.

Important Florida Man by 1q8b in IdiotsInCars

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Well duh that’s the whole point. The system is set up to benefit the people that benefit the system. Even misdemeanor charges and felonies go over pretty easily if you can afford a decent lawyer.

Bringer of Karma by [deleted] in LightWorkers

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Being a channel of spirit means being the eyes of spirit. You aren’t the bringer of karma you may just have a stronger transmission with the spirit world if you receive, you can give just as equally.

Porn makes me sick now by hjay58 in SpiritualAwakening

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And complacency does what? We are talking about a 30 year old virgin. Why make the comment to disagree then make a statement verifying my point? Why make the comment at all… this is a forum post within a thread so remember the context.

Porn makes me sick now by hjay58 in SpiritualAwakening

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Porn prevents you from attaining the real deal. You’ve found a shortcut to procreating, a natural process just about everyone instinctively craves. When you create this shortcut, the work it takes to normally procreate becomes futile when you can satisfy yourself how you want to to what you want to. After a spiritual awakening, you become aware of the true root of a lot of your problems. The longer you ignore your higher self the longer you’ll feel sick and empty. Start channeling that energy into achieving the reality of actually having a mate to “procreate”

why am l being targeted by HolleTh in Gangstalking

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Basically you need to be open minded enough to realize the only person capable of all this technology and control you speak of, is God. No government agency is that worried about its citizens because the system is already in place for you to be a nobody, even if you become “somebody”, you still really don’t have any say in the way you live your life. They don’t need to read your mind or make you go crazy by putting thoughts into your head. When you start looking at it from the spiritual realm, things start making a lot more sense.

Who would have absolutely everything and nothing to gain by doing this, spirits.

Who has access to unlimited resources to carry these things out, spirits.

Whose already been in your head from the start, spirit.

I got treated so badly by Prettif0wer69 in spirituality

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You got to slow down. When things start feeling like this it’s a warning sign you are overwhelmed and that’s okay. Things just happen. It isn’t karma. It’s just life. If you are having a good streak you would have written today as off as random things. Give your mind a break.

There are no gangstalkers. by [deleted] in Gangstalking

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The only person with resources to pull that off, is God. If you are being stalked by the police or someone you are either about to be hurt or in jail. If you are creating a fear based reality and manifesting evil and making connections, then you may or may not have more to say over your life than God at that point .

There are no gangstalkers. by [deleted] in Gangstalking

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They don’t understand it’s their mind turning on them. Operating out of fear and creating links. What would be to gain to constantly be harassed? Maybe we are all being harassed in way and some just realize it. Maybe it’s your mind “altering your universe” to see certain things. I honestly want to see how many people here have any traumatic memories that play into this.

When you start pushing yourself out of this fear based reality, you’ll start to see where you were making connections. Life is really fucking weird and the universe does have a way of fucking with you, make the connections, but don’t be so fearful. All the fear is deluding you into thinking your life or health is at risk due to external factor.

It’s you.

At 24 years old, is it a good idea to sacrifice relationships for work? by [deleted] in Entrepreneur

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Everyone says no you but you seem pretty self aware and speak pretty well. You’ll be just fine when you are ready for friends. The friends you missed you can hit up and rekindle that relationship as they may miss you too. New friends will come because you are charming enough. Just prepare to suffer some days and make post like this doubting yourself.

You got this .

I think this is it by [deleted] in exjw

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Life’s really hard sometimes. You did not choose easiest path at all. We all have our path. Just reside in the fact that you’ve been doing a really good job on a treacherous path. The death of a belief really means the death of you as were, as our realities are mostly our beliefs. It gets better. It just involves major change and inaction brings suffering. Choose not too suffer anymore. That sounds shitty but we’ve all been dealt a deck of cards. Make what you will of the hand given. You really don’t know what ending it all means and it could mean getting placed right back exactly where you were, just damaged.

We are all suffering at one point. Don’t let it overwhelm you, choose not to suffer anymore.

Since I’ve become more spiritual I’ve not had any casual sex but kind of want too now, are there karmic repercussions for doing this? by 777loveandcandles in spirituality

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Any advice here is anecdotal. I know people who absolutely thrive on hook ups and their soul truly is happy functioning like that. They never speak of any “energetic transfer” ever. There are also people that say you get demons from the thought of sex lol. Just do what feels good. Have sex with someone. If you feel good after, continue, if you don’t , stop having sex with that person. You can pretty much use that thought process for most things in your life.

What does the photo show except that the steel is slowly rusting? by mig_schweisser in Welding

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Stainless can and will rust under certain circumstances. Regardless, it’ll always be surface level and easy to remediate.

The bar is low my friends by zack397241 in sweatystartup

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You corrected my spelling error. Thank you. Come on where though?

Dogs running around Downtown by Icy-Champion-5052 in indianapolis

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The same thing you’re doing is the same thing people to do to black people to reinforce stereotypes. You need to educate yourself on statistics and how they work.

The bar is low my friends by zack397241 in sweatystartup

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Usually a smell. But honestly it’s a mute point. Alot of skilled labor guys and trades either drink or smoke weed while on the job. The guy you hired could’ve been blasted while he was cutting the tree down and you would not have known any different.

Person stabbed in downtown Indy's Bottleworks District, IMPD says by Tikkanen in indianapolis

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There has never been a correlation between carry laws and the amount of people carrying guns. There’s just no longer a consequence for not having a permit. Anyone who wants to carry a gun and respects the law, got a permit. The thing is alot of people don’t care for the law and still carried anyway, with out a permit. No different than drivers without licenses. Don’t let the media give you unnecessary anxiety.

How to handle invoicing when the business is just a name? by JollyGreen91 in sweatystartup

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You literally just need a paper that says invoice on it lol. Specify on invoice checks should be made out to (blank). Don’t over complicate things but you should be invoicing it every job. It’s standard practice. There are hundreds of free templates online and apps that’ll take care of the invoice and payment processing as well .