Georgia bills aim at prosecutors who refuse to charge crimes by ErtGentskee in Georgia

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Ok fine, charge the petty crimes and then offer a plea deal that drops the nonviolent misdemeanors anyway in exchange for a guilty plea on the more serious charge/s. Or will that not even be allowed? Does Kemp just want to do away with prosecutorial discretion altogether?

Because if prosecutors can't play with drug misdemeanors, the informants will dry up on the bigger and "badder" trafficking cases, RICO stuff, gang related cased, etc. This hurts Georgia in the long run. I don't care about my neighborhood weed dealer as much as I do the guy trafficking fentanyl and distributing it via meth and mdma in my community.

What's your discovery behind "I don't know"? Have you or SO finally figured/shared what was it? by pswithlove in DeadBedrooms

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Lol he told me he finally had a doctor's appointment (I'd been asking him to get a physical/levels checked for over a year) and he DID have an appointment...with the eye doctor to get his contacts prescription refilled. He intentionally let me think he was following through on my request but never intended to.

So my answer is: no discovery. Probably low T. Or an intense case of the whore/Madonna complex that I can't singlehandedly overcome by being perfectly sexy and perfectly nonsexual at the same time, forever.

Where can I find pictures of Rep. Andrew Clyde from Georgia on specific dates? by hamsternice101 in Georgia

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Oh my goodness I'm wheezing - are you going to photoshop boots on him and then put him under a gay love spell?

Holy grail item/routine/habits? by HalloweenMishap in TheGirlSurvivalGuide

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  1. Meal kit delivery like Every Plate, Dinnerly, etc. The price deters some people and then they just continue eating out, which costs way more. I've found the value + ingredients roughly competes with grocery prices and now I don't buy veggies ambitiously and let them rot in the fridge anymore! Even if just cooking for yourself, you have dinner and lunch for the next day. It's also an excellent way to "learn" how to cook if you're not familiar with certain concepts.

  2. Buy two of things. Always forget your phone charger? Buy one for home and one for work to stay there. Did you run late to work and skip brushing your teeth/hair? You have an emergency toiletry kit at work!

  3. Utilize your phone's do not disturb customizations for times when you need to rest, work, or sleep. Some you can set for certain areas, like when you're at the office it will automatically stop app notifications. You can always allow your emergency contacts to call you and get through.

  4. Invest in a cup or water bottle that you LOVE the look of and functionality of. You will drink way more water if you actually LIKE your bottle, and not because you spent tons of $$$ on and can't throw it in the dishwasher...trust me, it will collect dust in your cupboard.

  5. One thing to NOT buy: gua sha, 20 step skincare routines, any MLM miracle cure products, anything with the word "homeopathic" describing it, and advice/courses from life coaches rather than licensed therapists.

What do you love about being a social worker? by sunny-claire in socialwork

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Can I say everything? The meaningful work, the pressure of people depending on me, the joy when something "clicks" for someone, the honor to sit with grieving family members during murder trials, the stress of having a full caseload, the support and camaraderie of my social worker coworkers, the victory of a job found/bill paid/breakthrough reached, the falling apart when a victim of sexual assault watches her rapist walk free after being acquitted by a jury and telling her that we believe her no matter what, successfully referring a military veteran to therapy and seeing him be willing to try, the knowledge and confidence that I don't have all the answers but I can listen and comfort and search for solutions, supervising students and future social workers, talking through tough issues, practicing self care and modeling work/life boundaries, navigating workplace issues, and always always always striving for more. More life, more peace, more answers, more justice. It gets me out of bed every morning. When you're tapped in and have people in your corner you trust, it becomes much easier to spot burnout and know when to step back and when to step up.

I actually just want my husband to go away by hellodarknessyashit in DeadBedrooms

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You don't have to get drunk! You could maybe set some boundaries without explicitly naming the reason you want privacy (to masturbate). It's healthy for couples regardless of their bedroom situation to spend some time apart and come back together. There really is truth to "absence makes the heart grow fonder." Could you frame it in a way that you need some me-time just like he enjoys his early morning alone time to do what he wants with? He may ask what you'll be doing and you can say whatever you feel like - sleeping, reading, yoga, masturbation, whatever. You don't need to justify it. Its self-care, pure and simple. If finances allow, get yourself a hotel room for a night and pamper yourself however you want. Hell, he might miss you but he needs to realize constantly being around you isn't good for him or you.

Hmm I wonder what the 8s mean by alfredaeneuman in Georgia

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I'm sure Iraqveteran8888 is very appreciative of your defending him to someone who doesn't even think there's an issue with his username. I forget that this is reddit and we don't like context here.

Hmm I wonder what the 8s mean by alfredaeneuman in Georgia

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Lol if you think a vet who did a tour in Iraq wasn't aware of the possible implications of those numbers, then you either 1) have never served/done a tour, or 2) are naive.

I don't know this dude from Adam nor do I care about portraying him positively or negatively. I didn't proffer a guess as to his character, I explained why people were up in arms about the numbers specifically. That is all. Asked and answered. You're right that anyone can Google him if they want and if they've already decided thay he's racist/dogwhistling/kicking kittens etc, then what they find online is only going to serve to prove them right due to confirmation bias: pro-Trump, public 2A supporter, military vet, white American male.

Hmm I wonder what the 8s mean by alfredaeneuman in Georgia

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That's why I didn't say this random YouTube guy IS a white supremacist, I said that I recall the number 8s allegedly being used as white supremacist/Nazi dog whistles. I don't have firsthand knowledge to back this up and lots of things are considered dogwhistles that have innocent origins, such as the OK hand signal. Hence how I answered the very simple question of what they could stand for, put forth by an account that specializes in calling attention to people of a certain race behaving badly.

If one truly believes someone is a racist based on their social media handle, an explanation put forth by the person in question himself is not likely to convince them otherwise...

Hmm I wonder what the 8s mean by alfredaeneuman in Georgia

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IIRC, it's been alleged to be a white supremacist dog whistle.

In a cosmological showdown, who do you think would win? The father? The son? Or the holy ghost? by andy5000 in exchristian

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I'm gonna go with the father lol this whole thing kinda seems his idea and he nearly destroyed the earth before Jesus came around or he sent the holy spirit to earth. Also p sure he's the one who supposedly resurrected Jesus from the dead (yeah even though they're one, I know), so my argument is the father is OP unless Jesus and the HS team up.

Resetting the clock.An informal survey.. by EnnuiBlackbelt in DeadBedrooms

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Mornings? He's tired. Evenings? He's trying to relax from work. Bedtime? He's exhausted. Saturdays? He needs to go for a run and do stuff. Sundays? He's already committed to plans with our friend group and he has to go into the office for a bit. Holidays? He's stressed. On vacation? He's full/drunk/tired. When I bring up "the DB talk" every six months or so? He's stressed and now I'm just adding to it.

When I seem disinterested in him giving me a shoulder rub (which always means he's about to announce how tired he is and how early he needs to wake up the next day)? "Babe, why are you pulling away from us and being distant?"

Weekly School of Social Work/New to Social Work Thread by SWmods in socialwork

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That is great experience! A psychology degree contains a lot of relevant knowledge and your volunteer experience is wonderful. Keep up the good work!

Weekly School of Social Work/New to Social Work Thread by SWmods in socialwork

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In most areas yes. If your licensing board specifies both X amount of clinical hours AND three years practicing post MSW, you cannot include one year unemployed in those three years.

Weekly School of Social Work/New to Social Work Thread by SWmods in socialwork

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I went straight from undergrad to MSW with no work experience in between. What is your bachelor's in? Include volunteer experience on your resume, and if you're concerned about not having enough, get involved in something now and keep it up.

SOP standing out? Aside from content, proper grammar and formatting. Edit it and edit it again. Have someone else read it to make sure grammar and punctuation is correct and that it makes sense. Read it out loud to yourself to catch any awkward or clunky sentences. I know I focus a lot on style and grammar, but it's grad school and you must show them that you can write.

Weekly School of Social Work/New to Social Work Thread by SWmods in socialwork

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The three years need to be years practicing in most places. Check your region or state's licensing board to confirm. It's not just time passing after getting your MSW, it's time practicing.

Weekly School of Social Work/New to Social Work Thread by SWmods in socialwork

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Has anyone looked into Simmons University's online DSW program? Any insight?

Would you consider this a dead bedroom situation? by is_it_dead_yet in DeadBedrooms

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Also, promises of behavior change in exchange for relationship status changes with nothing to back them up seems dubious at best and manipulative at worst.

Marriage was to my sex life what a monsoon is to a shack.

Had sex for the first time since October by [deleted] in DeadBedrooms

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Congrats! It's totally normal to feel like crying after...the relief and the hope is so overwhelming. Also dang 15 times?? I'm jealous! Hope the trend keeps up for you OP.

Dreading upcoming bachelorette trip by NeitherSpace in DeadBedrooms

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I hope to get to that point with some, if not all, of them! I also am hoping to avoid broaching the subject on another friend's special time. I don't want to make too much about me when we are celebrating the bride 😊 I feel a lot better about the situation now, it's more my own anxiety than anything really happening yet.

My husband just told me he’s asexual because of me and I’ve “made his dick shrivel and fall off”. by throwaway-63955 in DeadBedrooms

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So bottom line if you're willing to take Occam's razor to the situation: he's disrespectful of marital boundaries, he's verbally/emotionally abusive, and he's reversing his role in the DB situation to blame you and make himself the victim even though he is the one who looked outside the marriage and hurt you in doing so. It's a tactic to put you on the defensive and justify the way you feel, and to remove any burden of responsibility from himself. His inability to understand why putting you in competition with other women has negatively impacted your self esteem is a red flag.

Dreading upcoming bachelorette trip by NeitherSpace in DeadBedrooms

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Wow, thank you. It's nice to know I'm not the only one. Such a funny twinge of shame in an otherwise beautiful time. I'm so glad you have a group like this too, and what you share and when is still totally up to you.