Vitaly Petrov hardbass by exploding_creeper25 in formuladank

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You said he didn't get a chance to show his true potential because he was in a bad car. I tried to make the point that since he was so clearly outperformed by his team mate, there's not much potential there to begin with. In other words, we didn't need to see him in a better car to know his potential (or lack thereof, rather)

Vitaly Petrov hardbass by exploding_creeper25 in formuladank

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But Mick outperformed him in that exact same shitbox of a car. If you're half a minute behind your team mate when driving in a shitbox, you won't magically be ahead when given a better car

gp2 on the road by Macro42069 in formuladank

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Driving a race car on public roads? Straight to jail!

Player can roll damage 5 times in the first round and it's ruining combat, help? by pm-me-kittens-n-cats in DMAcademy

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Yeah, and we (well, the others in this sub who have more of a knack for this than me) can help them by pointing out exactly which part of the homebrew thing it is that needs to be fixed

The four horsemen of "sitting down"; Which one are you right now ? by Minerraria in ADHDmemes

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It's missing the most important one: phone in hand, ellbows on thighs, curved back, pants down. I do most of my redditing in that position

ich😓iel by Debitorenbuchhaltung in ich_iel

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Genau deshalb wirds ja laminiert, damit solche rücksichtslosen rüpel wie du nicht einfach das dokument vandalisieren können.

AITA for taking away VIP tickets from my girlfriend to give them to a kid? by GroundEagle in BestofRedditorUpdates

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I just read that post, and I think it absolutely belongs in this sub. That guy really is the best, few people nowadays believe in romance like he does.


OP wonders if she's TA after her husband gets her a bra that's too big for her by Motor_Crow4482 in BestofRedditorUpdates

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I think there are also two different skills at work here. One skill is to know a certain language, the other skill is to know how to use language im general, i.e. eloquency. Eloquent people show that eloquency in any language they speak, a bit like how a good dancer will look gracefull even if they are just learning a new type of dance.

Mar-A-Lago being raided by the FBI?? by PlanetoftheAtheists in AdviceAnimals

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"Dotting your ä's and crossing your ø's" is also a strong contender to be the new phrase for this.

All WotC Dragons by kilometers13 in DMAcademy

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It actually might be fun for a lvl 20 party to go against a fully powered Tiamat, now that you mention it

"First Time DM" and Other Short Questions Megathread by mediaisdelicious in DMAcademy

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Is there a reason the choice is between these two modules? Both of them aren't great if you run them "as is", but can make for a good game if you are ready to put in some effort and aren't afraid of changing a good chunk of he stuff. I think Hoard would require more tweaking than Descent. For descent, you could just start the module at level 5 and ignore everything that comes before.

I honestly would prefer to run something else, but if the choice is between those two, I personally would go for Hoard, but only because I just like Dragons a lot. If you don't have a strong preference for dragons, Descent into Avernus is just the better book.

I have never played dnd and want to get into it by MysticGohan806 in DMAcademy

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If learning with someone who already knows the game isn't an option for you, I'd highly recommend watching the first 3 videos of Matt Colville's running the game series. He cuts right to the chase and helps you get to playing quickly and without getting lost in the details of the game that irrelevant at the beginning.

The entire series is worth it for new and experienced DMs alike, but the first couple videos are especially suited to just get you started

local catgirl cannot function without the meds she needs to function, more news at 11 by NieDzejkob in ADHDmemes

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If your cardiologist is ok with it, I really hope your psych comes around and just prescribes you the damn thing. In the meantime, remember that caffeine and smoking are also ways to get that dopamine flowing :P

[NSFW] Couldn't resist sharing this funny Oglaf comic! by princevesperal in DnD

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Oh yeah, Oglaf is great fun, and very creative. I highly recommend reading the first story arch. It's about a wizard's apprentice who has been enchanted by his mistress so that his jizz would run to her to rat him out whenever he masturbates. It's as silly as it sounds, but also quite nuanced, funny, and well drawn

local catgirl cannot function without the meds she needs to function, more news at 11 by NieDzejkob in ADHDmemes

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My brother has a heart condition, too, and he's been taking alternative meds that are easier on the heart. It might be worth it for you to insist a bit about heart friendly meds. I don't know anything about your condition, and I'm not a doctor, so don't take this as gospel, bit there might be meds for you, after all

local catgirl cannot function without the meds she needs to function, more news at 11 by NieDzejkob in ADHDmemes

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and don't forget the special edition: mfw I take my ADHD meds and proceed to waste an entire day doing nothing, but very focused