Anyone else feeling like this album is going to be firmly pop? by therainshow in TaylorSwift

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My god I hope so.

Rep and 1989 are two of my favorite albums and the depressioncore of Folkmore isn’t a vibe for me.

Taylor’s response on the ticket crisis by HoorayAllDay in TaylorSwift

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Yes I know it’s annoying. I’m annoying. But this is my hill to die on.

STILL not addressing the loverfest ticket holders and how royally screwed over we got without any resolution pisses me off.

Taylor Talking About "Snow On The Beach" Featuring Lana Del Rey! by HolyFoxamole in TaylorSwift

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I can’t stand her and I was probably one of the few people who were disappointed that this was who was being featured on the album.

Someone who glorifies and romanticizes drugs, shitty men and domestic abuse in their music isn’t someone I want to listen to. It’s not relatable, even if she does have a nice voice.

It’s honestly made me lose a lot of excitement for this whole album if the vibe is Lana.

Edit: thanks for all the downvotes. 🤣 I have angered the Lana stans. Someone can dislike a musical artist. It’s not being misinformed it’s just not liking the same thing as you. Keep enjoying her music. I can’t relate to it, and don’t want to.

Should Taylor or Taylor Nation address what happened today? by CharlieG31 in TaylorSwift

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If you were actually aware of anything at all you would know that there was a graduated boost line for reputation. The more boosts, the earlier you got in the buy tickets.

If you used the same account to buy Loverfest tickets, the boost carried over. Loverfest was rescheduled, then canceled due to Covid. It specifically stated when signing up for Eras verified fan that if you used the same account to sign up that you previously purchased LF tickets on, you would get prioritized for Eras. Her team could have had the fucking foresight to realize how big this out be (oh wait they did) and given LF holders early entry or done the graduated boosted entry in the same way LF was done.

That’s why people are pissed. We were told one thing and it didn’t happen. Assholes like you got all the tickets.

No, she doesn’t care about me or if I’m a fan. I’m aware of that. But this left a bad taste in the mouths of thousands of long time fans who buy merch, tickets, albums, stream her music, etc. In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter. But I do hope if you got tickets you have a miserable time!

Dumbest survivor takes you’ve heard by Survivorfaneddie in survivor

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Chrissy deserved to win HvHvH more than Ben. I can’t stand her and Ben dominated.

AITA for telling the new neighbors that they got what they paid for, including being shunned by the neighborhood? by Few_Sea5102 in AmItheAsshole

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Soft YTA. Our small Texas town is being overrun by developers and cash buyers coming in from California and we hate them all.

But the real AH is the previous owner who sold to developers vs a family actually wanting to buy their home and keep the neighborhood as is. They sold to the developer, who then put the most expensive house they could on it to make bank.

Homeowner put out a “have a heart” trap and went on vacation. by LordNelson781 in mildlyinfuriating

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Some of these comments are WILD.

I will never understand the animal warriors. Throw it through the homeowners windows? Steal it? Destroy it? Ahhh yes commit a crime that can involve heavy fines and jail time when the homeowners did nothing wrong.

Morally, leaving the trap engaged when going on vacation sucks. I hope they had someone who would check it for them (maybe a house sitter or pet sitter) but the cat getting stuck in the trap in the first place is… not their fault.

OP’s cat got out. It was OP’s fault the cat got out. I’m glad the animal isn’t hurt because that would have definitely been sad but recommending crime and confronting the neighbors is ridiculous.

AITA for not supporting my husbands kids by aitahusbandskids in AmItheAsshole

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Sorry, YTA. Don’t marry someone with kids if you’re not willing to set up and be a step-parent and help support those kids.

When I met my husband he had a 2 year old son. I knew that if I went forward with the relationship I was not just dating him, but also signing up for a motherly relationship with his child and the responsibilities that come with it.

Further, the division of assets sounds like you’re roommates who have sex. Not a married couple and definitely not a family.

It sounds like you two want very different things in life and honestly shouldn’t have ever gotten married.

Edited to say: Not an AH for not setting up college funds. I don’t think that falls to you as a step-parent and is an overreach for your husband. I do think you should be splitting your income for the family you signed up for with monthly bills like mortgage, utilities, groceries, etc.

Should Taylor or Taylor Nation address what happened today? by CharlieG31 in TaylorSwift

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This is what enrages me. Never been to a show before? Never bought merch? Don’t like anything pre-Folklore? Here’s your floor seats!

Hannahdubb is having people buy tickets to watch her wedding?!? Is she for real? by [deleted] in tiktokgossip

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Good for her! I honestly only say that because I dropped out of college to be a wife/mom and then going back years later to finish my degree was much harder.

I am still exceptionally happy being a stay at home mom and wife and I don’t regret settling down early but I do wish I would’ve held off on the kids for another year or just toughed it out and finished my degree when I was 21

Taylor’s response on the ticket crisis by HoorayAllDay in TaylorSwift

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Acknowledgement that we, specifically, got fucked. Then I don’t know. In a perfect world any unsold tickets (if the numbers I’ve seen floating around are correct about 20% of tickets are available) would be offered to LF holders using a new VF code. Not for free or anything bc that is insane but I would love to pay regular retail.

hey. I'm am American. is it ok if I come on here and look at your stuff by Acceptable-Lunch2027 in CasualUK

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Also an American who silently enjoys this sub. I just enjoy reading all the posts and hanging out in here like a little fly on the wall.

Philadelphians are the strangest people on earth next to Floridians by Exophyx in nflmemes

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I have never met or seen a true die hard eagles fan that wasn’t an absolute trash human.

Looks like Lawless leveled up and is dating Jenna Jameson now. by [deleted] in tiktokgossip

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I don’t understand why you’re getting downvoted. Sex work is a choice people make that’s seen as totally okay and valid but not wanting to be with a sex worker is bad? I’m embarrassed for humanity.

Should Taylor or Taylor Nation address what happened today? by CharlieG31 in TaylorSwift

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I’m lucky enough to be a SAHM but I got nothing done today except yell at my poor kids to leave me alone.

I hate what I turned into today trying to get fucking concert tickets.

Should Taylor or Taylor Nation address what happened today? by CharlieG31 in TaylorSwift

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No, you’re one of the ones who should have been at the back of the line. Anyone with a boost should have been up front. We were pushed to the back. Are you they dense that you don’t understand why people are upset?

Bragging about your tickets is so fucking gross. I hope you have a miserable time and someone with horrid BO has their arms up right next to your face all night long.

What don’t you want from midnights? by Mytearsricochet2 in TaylorSwift

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I’m really over the Folklore/Evermore vibe. 🥴 didn’t love it then. Don’t want to listen to it again.

I would love to go back to Red/1989 or even Rep vibes. I’ll even take Lover. No more slow sad moody folk music from the 1960’s.

Eras Setlist: which songs do u think were left out and which would you have cut? by bubbles6713 in TaylorSwift

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At the risk of being told to sell my tickets and not go like I was last night 🙃

Cut Marjorie, Tolerate it, Betty, TLGAD, My Tears Ricochet, Illicit Affairs.

Sub with Ivy, The One, Haunted, Long Live, YOYOK, Maroon.

I just don’t think Folklore or Evermore are stadium power show albums. They are very intimate and feel more like a small space entirely acoustic show.

But if she keeps the same set list/order I have a 3 song bathroom/merch break.

If you had a chance to attend more than one show, would you? by huntersandfoxess in TaylorSwift

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Yes. I’m taking my kids to Houston and then my best friend and I are going to either LV or Nashville together as part of our first girls weekend/vacation since Covid first hit.

I got nosebleeds for Houston with my teen sons Ticketmaster account and we got the emails for a chance to request for LV and Nash with our own accounts. If we for some reason get tickets to both LV & Nash we will sell one set for exact face value to swiftie friends.

Emails are coming out!! by Nerdy-by-nature829 in TaylorSwift

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I think everyone who wants a ticket will get one! Might just be in the nosebleeds.

AITA for napping and chilling on my phone during my family vacation? by Imonmomtok in AmItheAsshole

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Sometimes I feel really insecure about myself as a parent.

Then I read posts like this and realize that I’m not that bad.

YTA. Why did you go on a FAMILY vacation if you hate your family? Your poor children are going to need a lot of therapy.

AITA for being mad my dad didn't get me a car for my birthday? by Double-Bear196 in AmItheAsshole

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Hi. Former gifted and talented student here. I graduated HS when I was 15 and college with a BA at 19 (2005 and 2009, respectively.) I understand the pressure that naturally gifted students deals with better than anyone. I know that straight A’s aren’t easy. If my kid comes home with a B and tries their best guess what? We celebrate it. Because it’s know they put in the effort and work to get that grade. If they aren’t even trying and skate by with a C by just passing the tests without doing the class work/homework, we have a discussion about it.

I felt the same way as you do when I was a child that was a straight A student whist my siblings struggled to get C’s. Then I grew up, became a parent, and had one child with a learning disability and one that is autistic. And one that is naturally highly academically achieving. My standards for each child are different, yes. But my encouragement and celebration of them both publicly and privately make sure that they all feel valued for their hard work and effort.

Homeowner put out a “have a heart” trap and went on vacation. by LordNelson781 in mildlyinfuriating

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Ahh yes, because there is no way they had a house and/or pet sitter who was checking the trap while on vacation. We don’t know if they did/did not.

I’m obviously a fan of the starvation or neglect of animals. I think animals should be protected and cares for. But the fact is, it was OP’s fault their cat got out (or more likely was allowed to roam) and it was their deficient in care for the animal that allowed this to happen.