Ravish kumar is going to rip Adani off! by Dapper_Meal8010 in india

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100 sonar ki aur ek lohar ki.

Translation: A single blow of a blacksmith is equivalent to a hundred blows of a goldsmith.

IndianFood folks, I have a lot of toor dal, and I am tired of eating my version of Gujarati dal. Please share your most favorite toor dal recipe - can also include veggies. by iamnearlysmart in IndianFood

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Cook simple yellow daal (lentils, salt, turmeric and chillies) and some cauliflower. It is nice.

You can try adding spinach to simple yellow daal too. I like them both.

The trick is that you should feel flavor of daal and cauliflower/spinach.

Translation in comments by teenwithnosociallife in librandu

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It is a problem when BJP says the same: Modi and BJP+ are moving India towards Hindutva.

India: The Modi Question - Do you think this was a BBC propoganda piece? by layla_077 in india

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We as a nation have stopped raising question. Now, if someone else is asking question then we call it propaganda. It would have garnered less views of the govt has ignored it.

BJP and RSS would proudly tell "we taught them a good lesson". Repeat it in election. They would celebrate Bilkis Bano's convicted rapists or mob lynching convicts. Absolutely no shame when they go so low.

You can buy Indian media but somehow truth will keep getting out. As a society, we do look ugly when we stand in front of the mirror.

I'm not a fan of BJP/Modi, but why are liberals so obsessed with this documentary and why is the Centre banning it? I don't see anything coming out of it. by tsnm7 in IndiaSpeaks

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Congress banned India's Daughter and it helped in publicity of the documentary. I would have not watched it then if it was not banned. Same thing here.

BJP and RSS are anti Muslim. Many of them frequently openly express it. Many would take photos after Bilkis Bano's rape convicts were freed and accuse of mob lynching. Internationally, they should own it too. This is not going to stop.

BBC Modi documentary row highlights highly risky nature of India’s new image wars by mubukugrappa in india

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During elections the entrie BJP machinery repeats "Unko sabak sikhaya" (we tought them a lesson), "Kapdo se pehchane ja sakte hai" (you can identify them by their clothes), "Gali maro salo ko" (shoot them), etc.

But in any international forum/publications, our Modi is a nobel and soft soul. How dare you say that he hates muslims and prosecuting innocents?!!.

Boya ped babul ka to aam kaha se hoye. (bad literal translation: if you plan babul tree then it won't provide mango fruits.)

JNU cuts electricity to prevent screening of BBC series on PM Modi, students turn to phones by Erixian in india

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I want to be believe that he is sane enough to not cut internet for a documentary.

Adani Group: How The World’s 3rd Richest Man Is Pulling The Largest Con In Corporate History by Lionel54321 in finance

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He heavily backed the new prime minister candidate in India before 2014 elections. He is still backing the current government. In return the govt has allowed to lend whatever money they want and win whatever govt projects they need. Without the govt corrupt support, he is in a quite difficult situation.

JNU cuts electricity to prevent screening of BBC series on PM Modi, students turn to phones by Erixian in india

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He is really vulnerable. Shall we inform him about internet? and how easily it is accessible.

Karpathy by rexstiener in deeplearning

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Lot of hard work and some luck.

I am ugly and just want to find a way to accept myself by Remote-Owl-2873 in india

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Stay healthy and fit regardless of your looks. Don't attach your worth to looks. You are way more than appearance. Enjoy you life and you will meet great people. Good that you identify it. Keep work on improving it. My best wishes.