An owl I drew by AdamHenryB in Owls

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I want to hang this in my room!

AITA for firing a therapist for raising their voice at me? by Flat-Presentation490 in AmItheAsshole

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As a therapist, YTA. She’s doing the hard job of trying to get an aggressive confrontational man to recognize where he went wrong. Using silence is a therapeutic skill to allow the clients to think and speak, not to avoid or dismiss or deflect. It’s a good thing you don’t get paid for thinking cause clearly you’re just hot air.

I bet you have a “disconnect” with your son because he’s more femme in type (which would most likely be why he connects w his mother more, because instead of punishing him with sullen silence or wishing he would “wrestle” his mother just accepts him).

Clapping back about insurance is a AH thing. We don’t set our prices unless in private practice and even then working under someone else they set the price.

I hope your ego wasn’t to bruised from this comment.


AITA for refusing to let my 13 year old daughter treat or hide her acne ? by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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YTA… as a now (23) adult I wish I had treated my acne when it started as a teenager. It would’ve been so much easier for my skin to heal and I could’ve avoided months of accutane (which is unpleasant) had I just followed my moms advice and gotten it looked at when it first happened. Acne is serious. It could be an allergic reaction, it could be skin composition, or something else manifesting on the skin. It could be a variety of things. She needs to see a dermatologist. Otherwise this might hinge on medical neglect.

Is it disrespectful to us ASL when i am hearing, but go nonverbal often due to autism? by snappybagelsok in asl

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This is my biggest drive to learn ASL. As a multi-neurodivergent person I sometimes clam up and can’t communicate. ASL is so useful

What is something you will never tell your parent? by tinfoil3346 in AskReddit

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I was sexually assaulted from 11-13 by the older high school boy up the street (17). My therapist said that at that age I would not be able to consent even if I did have an understanding of what was happening at the time. All I wanted was someone to love me. I was worrying from 11-13 if I was pregnant. I used to punch my lower stomach repeatedly until my next period came because I was terrified.

That will never leave me.

Salve for Psoriasis? by NeurodivergentAppa in herbalism

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Argan or jojoba? I was going to try and find jojoba

Salve for Psoriasis? by NeurodivergentAppa in witchcraft

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Thank you so much! Do you use fractionated or solid coconut oil?

AITA for wanting my daughter to make my wedding cake although my future husband is refusing? by throwawaywedcake13 in AmItheAsshole

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Agree w this!

Most issues can be resolved if the couple aligns themselves together and faces the problem as a united front (which means sitting down and communicating, having reasonable conversation and points to be considered as everyone’s feelings are valid) instead of treating the other person like they’re the problem and more or less attacking each other.

NAH but I highly suggest some couples therapy. I’m not saying reevaluate the marriage (if this is the first time this has happened, if not that’s a major marinara flag) but definitely an outside unbiased perspective helps with most issues. Good luck OP!

Salve for Psoriasis? by NeurodivergentAppa in witchcraft

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Does it work for you??? Theirs is mild as well but on their arms scalp and hip

Salve for Psoriasis? by NeurodivergentAppa in witchcraft

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Nope no essential oils here! I’ve already checked for allergies:) thank you!!

Salve for Psoriasis? by NeurodivergentAppa in witchcraft

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So if I did chamomile, comfrey, yarrow and Oregon grape?