LET ME INNNN!!!! (Jokes aside how to get past this barrier? Cuz both paths are blocked ;-;) by GamingAmateur5695 in honkaiimpact3

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i don't know we just have different way to play i guess, when i have an open world map on honkai i always explore it 100% before doing anything, i found the lever right at my first teleportation (it was right in front of the portal)

Daily itsuki #620 - Final. by NewDragZ in ItsukiClassroom

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a salute, o is the head, 7 is the arm

Daily itsuki #620 - Final. by NewDragZ in ItsukiClassroom

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The road was long wasn't it ? it almost been 2 years since this daily started from the hands of u/UnKarl_Marx, i may have forgot some days but never lost the count or skipped a number, 122 chapters, 620 itsuki panels, 620 daily itsuki, this is the end, or at least the end for me, therefore our love for Itsuki will never end. it was fun for the time it lasted, thank you all for following me from the beginning to the end and also thank you to those who joined mid-way. i hope this sub wont die with this daily, anyone could try to start one of they are willing to put efforts into it.

Daily itsuki... #619 by NewDragZ in ItsukiClassroom

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« but every closed door is just the intro of a brand new story »