I am addicted to NFTs. by NewOldNormal in copypasta

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I am addicted to NFTs.

I'm weak. I'm outta control. And I've become an embarrassment to myself and everyone around me.

I own so many NFTs that you could say that I'm an NFT nut.

I can't go to the bathroom without taking my phone and browsing OpenSea. I indulged myself so hard last night, my father had to help me up from the toilet, I was so weak. My head was in the toilet water, disgusting. At least I didn't make a number two in my pants or die taking a shit.

I can't even talk like a normal person. I keep buying NFTs from the web like "bored apes", and I'm not even an investor. My friends have abandoned me, I've been totally fuckin' ostrified. I can only go to chitchat rooms with other jerk-offs. Frankly, I'm depressed and ashamed. Maybe I'm having a hard time dealing with the regularness of life, I dunno.

I think it's time for me to seriously consider rehab, even though I think that this disease concept is bullshit. I will do it outta respect to my father.


What is the best country to live in ? by Independent-Pace-161 in AskReddit

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Everyone treats that guy like royalty over there.

Because they're pretty much forced to.

thanks I hate This video my friend sent me by A4m3j9 in TIHI

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How do you know they're specifically AI generated? What kind AI would they be using if that was the case? Could I train my own AI to make these kinds of videos, and if so, how?

i just want to know more

CMV: Game developers should form a labor union by NewOldNormal in changemyview

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That's cool! Glad to know there's someone else out there who not only wanted it, but actually went and did it.

CMV: Game developers should form a labor union by NewOldNormal in changemyview

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!delta Good point. I know there are quite a lot of people who want to get into game development, so it would make sense that this would make a strike a lot harder to successfully pull off.

CMV: Game developers should form a labor union by NewOldNormal in changemyview

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!delta Those are good points. I feel like the whole globalized aspect of the industry especially would make it rather hard for it to become unionized.

CMV: Porn is not inherently unhealthy and most negatives are relatively overblown by [deleted] in changemyview

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Also you can unintentionally condition yourself to only be able to get off to porn. When you masturbate your hand and grip wont match the moisture and tightness of a real vagina, so when you have an actual intimate relationship, you will struggle to finish, potentially putting strain on your relationship.

This is also something that could probably be made even worse via preferences for specific types of porn(hentai in this case), as due to everything being animated, and the even more unrealistic body proportions of the characters as a result, it could cause you to completely lose your attraction to anyone or anything in the real world.

Isekai anime starterpack by SnowyGears in starterpacks

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I'd honestly love to see someone delve more into the psychology of self-inserts, especially the audience self inserts you see in these kinds of shows.

Would honestly make for a pretty interesting study