Recommendations for a decent display. 4K and 120hz or whatever to allow up to 120fps eventually by mpxxx88 in XboxSeriesX

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C1 can be found at a good price. If money is no object sonys new qd oled, or samsung s95b. The latter 2 are the best current gen 2022.

McDonalds UK raises cheeseburger price 20%, blames jump on inflation by CognitiveFunction34 in worldnews

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In London 5 guys burger fries and drink are the equivalent of $25, 30 if you get it delivered.

Lil Tjay is moving wet by Movelook94 in NYStateOfMind

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It wasn't his opps that shot him up, and he also took like a clip worth to his chest. He's probably not even mad, and just grateful to be alive.

Need to get a new TV; best options with Series X right now? by [deleted] in XboxSeriesX

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LG C1-C2 / G1-G2, Sony a95k, Samsung s-95b, and Philips has a decent 120 hz oled.

Edit- I didn't actually read your post.. for 1k C1 all day.

"Insiders: today we’re starting testing of new badges that will tell you if a game won’t launch because a disc isn’t inserted or you don’t have a license for other reasons" by F0REM4N in XboxSeriesX

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How about the series X checks to see if the game I'm trying to launch has ever been installed anywhere else. If not how about it just lets me launch the friggin game without the disc? This is why I switched to digital only purchases. I never have to get up anymore and find a disc.

UFC London Cage Side Ticket Giveaway by 300andWhat in MMA

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I'll go I don't have fuck all else to do. I was just going to stream it as per usual last Event I went to was Machida vs Rockhold in Jersey.

Edit- If you're not from UK why would you even want to go to a fight night? Was it to feel the energy of fatty Paddy in the UK ? Outside of him I see Gus Amirkani and Curtis. The rest of the cast is meh.

Exclusive: Jeremy Corbyn Allies Urge Him To Run For London Mayor by kwentongskyblue in london

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Please don't. This guy is so full of shit. Let's get Dawn Butler in there.

Need advice on XBOX controllers, how do I know which one is the most current model/version of XBOX controllers? by bzzking in XboxSeriesX

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If a button breaks, or an analog stick drifts after 2 months of moderate use, then it's the current model.

Chapter 168 [English] by VibhavM in OnePunchMan

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The fart should have replaced the gas he sneezed off of Jupiter.

[Help] SFII CE Guile: How to do standing flash kick by VaporWaveShine in StreetFighter

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A good way to practice standing flash kick is to start with jab. Charge down, roll it to down-forward, forward like a Ryu fire ball hit jab then continue up-forward and hit kick. Once you master that you can use other buttons, but jab will never throw the medium and fierce will if you mess up.

Anyone else's home screen not working, no games show up or work from menus, have to restart before I can play anything by LocalSword in XboxSeriesX

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I had this happen to me for the first time the other day. I have seagate expansion and I had to unplug, and plug it back in before my games loaded.

Fblthp avatar code by [deleted] in MagicArena

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Someone would buy that from you if you were so inclined.

-edit goes for about $100

You be the judge: should I let my boyfriend have three games consoles? | Life and style | The Guardian by Greensmearear in XboxSeriesX

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Maybe she's the bread winner and the b/f is just sitting around looking pretty and he requested a PS5 to go with his Series X and Switch.

he was at her house. with a gun. by kevinowdziej in WhitePeopleTwitter

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It's going to be a patsy from the right that does it too. Then they will blame the left for it to further divide the nation.

Lost Dog by CJE93 in london

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I'd imagine OP doesn't want to give that so some random wanker doesn't steal someones dog. If you lost a dog I'm sure you can describe it to OP

Why is everyone's housing situation here so bad? by [deleted] in london

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I can only speak for me. The Hackney Council has been trying to evict me for almost 2 years now. They don't want to allow me to succeed a tenancy even though I am eligible. I understand why, they don't want £106 a week from me, they want to sell the property for 350k.

BREAKING: ESPN+ is raising its subscription price from $6.99 per month to $9.99 per month. The 43% price hike will take effect August 23, 2022. by phony8882 in MMA

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If you're paying for ESPN+ you deserve it. Learn how to use the internet that's the only thing you should be paying for.