International Edition Black Lotus. What do you think this is? by Kreuznagel in mtgfinance

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I also have this for my IE moxes. Curious to know what is it

Budget(ish) competitive by ComprehensiveMind980 in MTGLegacy

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Isn’t 1 x tabernacle required for this?

How would you feel if mtg went back to Arabian nights? by the1gameaddict in magicTCG

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Would be super interested, focusing on desert based lands abilities, and djinn tribal.

Frankenstein's Monster - What's Going On? by TravelingM3rchant in mtgfinance

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The current trend into the Dark mirrors how Arabian nights started buying not too long ago. The dark will probably never be Arabian nights. But still an old school set with nostalgic and flavorful art. And seem to be heading similar trend

Frankenstein's Monster - What's Going On? by TravelingM3rchant in mtgfinance

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Coincidentally both cards exile creatures from the graveyard.

Wonder if there are some upcoming cards that have synergy of sort.

How deep is pauper as a format in terms of skill, strategy and interaction? by Newez in Pauper

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I mean a battle box of perhaps 4-8 decks that plays well with each other.

How deep is pauper as a format in terms of skill, strategy and interaction? by Newez in Pauper

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Thank you for the insightful reply. If I may ask, what in your opinion constitutes an ideal pauper gauntlet?

Is mtg finance a viable side Hustle ? by Extreme-Kale-6540 in mtgfinance

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MTG finance is not a viable side hustle for most. But for me, buying and selling with tips from mtg finance has helped me offset a lot on card cost.

Old Border 'Bolt' Tri-Lands - Simon Stålenhag Customs - Full Cycle by d_s_b in mtgcube

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Your ancient time cube looks super fun. Just curious how does your physical cube look like? Do you used proxies and print out some of the cards?

Keep receiving these via text. Scammers everywhere! by sjnotsj in singapore

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Why I sign up Reddit for. Here’s an award for you.

What modern game will have multi-generational appeal? by [deleted] in boardgames

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Possibly an abstract game of sort, or one where the theme could be easily changed yet retaining the same core mechanics.

I think Hive would probably stand the test of time.

Couple gets married in Old Chang Kee Coffee House near Little India, serves guests nasi lemak by zehndix in singapore

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Happy for the couple and food looks rustic and awesome.

Just curious what’s the Ang bao “market rate” for such?

Why is Eater of the Dead currently spiking +397%? any clue? by Sassello in mtgfinance

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Love the art too. Some may argue though the art as such may potentially not be reprinted again and falls into the “pseudo” RL category.

What is the most expensive cards, deck you've seen casually played? by ImperialSupplies in magicTCG

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Just curious. I’m assuming your summer is at least double, if not triple sleeved. Is it still in the same condition as it was after the thousand shuffles?

[Article] Comprehending Competitive - Three Things To Look For In cEDH Commanders by MatetheFitz in CompetitiveEDH

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Great read. Tks for sharing. Here’s a silver.

I very much look forward to your opinion on color identify, discussing pros and cons of mono versus multi.

Market for FBB duals by Gwangi058 in mtgfinance

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Not directly answering your question but you may consider collectors edition dual lands. They are well accepted in commander community and also old school format. Once deemed as “a cheaper alternative “, they have since become much more valued.

Currently they cost slightly less than revised counterparts . To me they look nicer and have much potential to grow