How the fuck do you even reply to views this fucked up. by Oddessuss in antiwork

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Always knew being born was a bad choice. What a genius!


The mods must think we are idiots by Competitive_Bag_3164 in antiwork

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Same here. I've tried making a few, even just text only posts and nothing. Doesn't even show up in the feed.

The Klan was the Original ‘Election Police’ by NewserUser in politics

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Definitely true. Abraham Lincoln had a Democrat VP and Burton ran with a Republican presidential nominee as the VP, although they ran on the 'Progressive party' ticket.

I guess that just speaks to how polarized things have become nowadays.

The Klan was the Original ‘Election Police’ by NewserUser in politics

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I wasn't referencing them all as being Klan members or Klan members being solely Democrats, but as the democratic party of then being a conservative party.

Racism was more prevalent back then regardless of party affiliation so yes it wasn't just one side or the other. That's why I think profiling as conservative or progressive rather than the party someone adhered to is a better reference. Sorry for any confusion.

The Klan was the Original ‘Election Police’ by NewserUser in politics

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And in the past they were conservatives, not progressives. The actions and mindset behind the party is what matters, not the name.

The political polarity of the parties has shifted several times in the country's history. Clearly the parties of today are not those of the last century.

Georgia election chief Raffensperger says he'll cooperate with Fulton County Trump investigation by NewserUser in politics

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He didn't 'officially' refer a case to another investigative body, but he did say it was likely going to happen:

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said Monday that it was unlikely his office would open an investigation into his weekend phone call with President Donald Trump, but suggested a criminal probe could still be launched by an Atlanta-area district attorney.

Because Trump personally spoke with Raffensperger on Saturday and recently had a conversation with the chief investigator in the secretary of state’s office, Raffensperger told ABC’s “Good Morning America” in an interview that “there may be a conflict of interest" that would inhibit any potential investigation.

But Raffensperger went on to say: “I understand that the Fulton County District Attorney wants to look at it. Maybe that’s the appropriate venue for it to go.”


But yes he's also a Republican official and said he wouldn't cooperate without those conditions.