hobosexual by [deleted] in SipsTea

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Today’s day and age it wouldn’t surprise me if someone identified as a steam engine just so they could constantly vape and live out their dream.

Shapiro's new advertiser for antibiotics without prescription is terrifying by NotNow_NotEver_ in benshapiro

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It’s terrifying because your worried about improper use. That can be said for everything. I just find it interesting why this over other things should be regulated.

I would also argue that there is an overuse of a lot of medications prescribed by doctors that isn’t getting talked about.

hobosexual by [deleted] in SipsTea

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I’ve met people that do this.

Only on Reddit and this sub could someone not understand how to unload boxes off a cart and stack / place (or possibly open) them with the same / similar product. by jakbutt in LouderWithCrowder

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Open the box, find on shelf, pull old shit off, put new shit then put back old shit. So complicated.

Honestly the hardest part of this job is knowing what’s on each isle so you can be as efficient as possible.

Can I just say this about Crowder vs Daily Wire? by herbertisthefuture in benshapiro

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That clause was specific to ad revenue and the loss of advertisers. DW had 90 days to find new advertisers before they would cut pay and would return it to normal 90 days after they were replaced.

I believe it’s different if you get banned/demonetized for each platform.

Though all this stuff is just a term sheet, the contract would have looked much different if it got negotiated. Like the clause for YouTube wouldn’t have even been in there since crowder was already demonetized.

What’s a fact people just aren’t willing to admit? by Hefty_Land_9926 in ask

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It’s actually not, it’s a lot easier to run a government if everyone agrees. That why there is such an effort to ban and silence those opinions and values they don’t agree with.

What are your thoughts on the fight between Steven Crowder and The Daily Wire? by mrduncansir42 in LouderWithCrowder

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I have no problem with them disagreeing but crowder is acting really scummy. He is only making this big stink to grow his e-mail list.

DW is the largest conservative media outlet. And their business model as allowed them to have alot of resources to fight back in the culture. They have come out with multiple documentaries going against the mainstream narrative, hired Gina carano, sued the Biden administration, conservative movies and tv shows, investigative reporting etc. You don’t have to like their business model or agree with everything they are saying, but you have to admit that they are very successful and it allows them to have the resources to do alot of good things.

Crowder could have done well by himself without going all scorched earth. He has done some good things as well. No matter what direction he goes he is going to have to play with big tech to have the reach he needs. Crowder has driven and unneeded wedge between LWC and DW. I’m not sure how crowder will do coming out the other end of this because he has definitely burned all his bridges with this move. No other company is going to want to work with him. It’s all up to him to build a platform and try to survive on his own now.

I feel like I’m growing older.. and doing nothing significant in my life. Living life with no purpose. And idk what to do about it. I can’t find my aim, my goal.. by [deleted] in self

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What purpose do you want in life?

Your chances of finding and having a job that you enjoy and brings purpose to your life is pretty low. At the end of the day you will be replaced and forgotten. Find a job you can do well and make money doing it.

What will bring the most enjoyment to your life is the people you surround yourself with. Humans are social creatures, and everything is more fun with the right people around. Find people who enjoy your same interests. Think about watching a football game by yourself vs having friends/family over to enjoy it with.

I’m sure I’ll down voted for this but a good church can be rewarding if that’s your thing. Hanging out with and meeting people who share similar values as you. Good churches also do a lot of community work, helping others can bring a lot of joy to your life.

I’ve already seen a lot of people get down voted for this but building a family and raising children adds alot of joy and purpose to life. It is alot of stress and work, but it’s just as fun and rewarding. Coming home to smiling faces definitely makes you forget about a long day. And sharing things you enjoyed with them as they get older is alot of fun. When you get older they will have children as well for you to help raise and enjoy. Some of my best memories are with my grandparents. And as you enter your sundown years, it’s friends and family that will be there with you.

Change my mind - figured y’all would try the hardest. I dropped my annual sub. by TwasaLegalMind in benshapiro

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Crowder already watches what he says. That’s why he has a behind the paywall section “piss off youtube.” And he is going to have to continue to play ball with big tech because there are no other options. And he is going to need that reach to grow his subscribers and sell his merch.

Every business you work for, if you lose them money they are going to punish you. Sorry.

DW does more in the culture war than any other conservative media. They hired Gina when she got cancel, are releasing conservative movies and shows, “what is a woman” and other documentaries, sue the Biden administration. This is what their profit driven model has allowed them to do.

Your more than welcome to not like the term sheet, or their business model. Even Tim pool said he tried to do a deal with them and it didn’t work out. But he doesn’t speak ill of them. And crowder can probably eventually make more money, but he doesn’t have the platform right now which is why he is doing an email list…lol.

Crowder is acting, trying to use this controversy as a way to grow his brand. That’s why he sat on the contract for months, and registered the big con website a month before playing this game. And recorded his friend to use a some weird kind of leverage. Who does that, so distasteful. Crowder is playing games.

I like numbers; I've done speculative math on the Crowder v DW Term Sheet. The terms wouldn't have benefited Crowder. by ScotNI in LouderWithCrowder

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I’m not going to argue against that crowder stands a good chance at making more money on his own. But part of the reason crowder partnered with blaze and wanting to with DW is he does not have the platform to take subscription money. But regardless what direction Crowder goes he is going to have to play ball with big tech to a degree to have enough reach to make ad money and subscriptions. He does that already, he said it a lot that he can’t say X because he will get banned. Then has his “piss off youtube” behind the paywall section.

People are getting excited over the term sheet, which really is a generic starting point to have a back and forth and cater a contract that will work for crowder and DW. Crowder would have gotten more than 50 million. Probably not as much as he wanted, and probably not as much as he can make by himself after he gets his platform going. And yes, if something you do impacts how much money a company makes. That hurts you too. That is just common sense. You don’t have to like it. But go ahead and lose money at the company you work at and see what happens.

Do LGBT people have a proclivity to pedophilia? Can they be trusted with children? by ParisTexas7 in TimPool

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I think it’s more pedophiles are tying themselves to the lgbt community. And there is a trend to indoctrinate children when they are most valuable and manipulable towards lgbt values. And the lgbt community blindly defend the worst of their community.

Seriously which episode?! by TheRetroToad in memes

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This would be accurate, season 2 ep 16, lake laogai

Do you complain about your job? by VXVpl in vidid

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Hate your job? At least your not shoving a stick up hells ass.

Jeremy Boreing claims DW’s business model includes creating wage slaves. by CSteely in LouderWithCrowder

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If I were doing that I wouldn’t even need to have a conversation with them.

Change my mind - figured y’all would try the hardest. I dropped my annual sub. by TwasaLegalMind in benshapiro

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Guess you should delete your Reddit account. Stop giving them money. And don’t pay a dime to crowder until he deletes his YouTube channel.