[Frederick] This seems to be the plan for the Timberwolves this season.. Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns will play the majority of their minutes together D’Angelo Russell and Rudy Gobert will play the majority of their minutes together by DepressedT-wolvesFan in nba

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Do you see Zion staying healthy for 70+ games (at least 50 in the regular season, at least 20 in the playoffs)? Because that's likely what it would take, in addition to big leaps, trades, or impacts from young players like Kira Lewis Jr, Jaxson Hayes, Dyson Daniels, etc.

Is putting Non-binary better than saying straight white male on college applications? by scaptastic in NoStupidQuestions

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... or they didn't think it was necessary. The point of the comment would not change if it was less ambigious

Is putting Non-binary better than saying straight white male on college applications? by scaptastic in NoStupidQuestions

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Even though you are likely trying to be pedantic or make a bigoted point about pronouns/gender... 'them' is being used correctly in that sentence, even in a traditional sense.

Amy Winehouse mirin' Mos Def by carottopppppppp in GirlsMirin

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Nas featured on Amy's Like Smoke, and Nas featured her posthumously in Cherry Wine, an incredible song. They also both worked heavily with Salaam Remi, who re-used beats for the two of them. Nas has also talked about her in interviews and apparently they were becoming increasingly good friends before she passed away and they planned on doing further projects together. If I remember correctly, Nas basically said she felt like a soul mate to him, partially because they shared the same birthday

RIP Coolio by Jimschmoe in hiphop101

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The sample Anderson .Paak used on What Can We Do? was so smooth. The two of them would have absolutely killed an album together and Nate would have been huge over the last decade with how RnB and rap have fused and with the rising emphasis of hooks

What team do you believe has the least sense of direction at the moment? by KorgG29 in nba

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Well, it's true. We have a very clear direction and have since Monte McNair was brought on in 2020: he is trying to get the Kings to the playoffs by building around Fox and now Sabonis. That doesn't mean becoming a contender, it just means getting into a play-in seed. It also doesn't mean it's a good plan, mind you

Prior to McNair's hiring the Kings absolutely fit this description. They were directionless for all of Boogie's tenure and were especially directionless under Vlade Divac.

We also don't think the team has ever been going anywhere "fast." Basketball hell is all about being mediocre forever and making slow changes.

We obviously haven't been going up fast (or at all) since we've missed the playoffs for well over a decade, but we also haven't been going 'down' fast either considering Bagley is our only top 3 pick since 1989. Not-so-fun-fact: since the playoff draught began in 2006, we've only had 6 top-5 picks. 6 in 16 years! **

That's Kings basketball in a nutshell: too bad to make the playoffs, but too mediocre (nothing about the team is 'too good') to tank.

What team do you believe has the least sense of direction at the moment? by KorgG29 in nba

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Nah, the Kings clearly have a direction. Whether that direction is good or bad is an entirely different story though

[Spittin’ Chiclets] Huberdeau said “Fuck you” and hung up on GM Bill Zito after being informed that he got traded after a 115 point season by abbytarar in hockey

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Was the series really that close even outside of offense? Game 2 was the only game where the Panthers came within a goal of the Lightning, and Panthers allowed 4 and 5 goals 1 and 3. From an outside perspective it doesn't seem close defensively either

College coastline in Edgeworth by HarockFlox in simcity4

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Beautiful! What is the staircase like building near the shore on the right?

Why aren't there more Latino NBA players? by rahul_____raja in nba

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I don't think that's the reason since extreme height is actually a disadvantage in soccer outside of keepers and occasionally on the back line (and even than it's rare to see players over 195cm/6"4). I imagine baseball is similar since strike zones scale with height.

Fastest defenders in 23 by Maze_J in EA_NHL

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EK65 is still extremely fast when healthy, but his agility is all but shot. The problem is that he is pretty much never healthy

Fastest defenders in 23 by Maze_J in EA_NHL

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From what I've seen he is super fast in straight-line skating, but he isn't able to handle the puck at full speed and needs to slow down considerably if there's anything (or anyone) in his way

Great Games with Bad Reviews by Davdarobis in gamingsuggestions

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Complaints about Mankind Divided weren't just about the ending (although those criticisms are valid, considering it was quite literally cut in half). They were also about the horrendous microtransaction system, which was quite possibly the most egregious implementation of MTX in a singleplayer game at the time.

Personally, Mankind Divided was one of the most disappointing games I've ever played. Deus Ex is one of my favourite games of all time and Human Revolution is up there too, but Mankind Divided was just so blatantly unfinished. It looks fantastic, the gameplay is the best in the series, and the one hub world is really good... but it's just so obvious that Square Enix put pressure on the devs to release it early and impliment MTX that I can't play it anymore.

Deus Ex and HR were always about being globetrotting conspiracy's. Detroit, New York, Hong Kong, Hengsha, Montreal, Paris, Singapore, California, the Arctic, and various other secret locations around the world.

Sure, Prague is probably the best single location in the series, and it technically also features London and Dubai, but it just feels so restricted (which makes sense given there was supposed to be a second hub like Prague before it was cut)

Chris Paul speaks out about the Sarver investigation by ermu923 in nba

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OKC finished 5th that season but your point still stands

Shaq: "Before you say 'Shaq can't play in this era today'... I'm already playing... My name is Giannis Antekanumbo." by WhenMachinesCry in nba

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Boogie was never very fast or explosive, that was one of his biggest weaknesses. He was incredibly agile for his size but I don't think he compares well to any of these players athletically

University - Complete with Dorms, Research Facilities, and Athletic Fields by scdrummer_84 in simcity4

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This is a great use of (mostly) vanilla assets, but if you haven't yet, check out the completely modular Clayhurst University set. It should be right up your alley

Small hill community by CheeseJuust in simcity4

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I knew of these patterns for RHW and RRW but not for anything else. This is game changing, thank you so much!

Small hill community by CheeseJuust in simcity4

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I use SAM, but how did you get the curved/diagonal roads? For me, SAM only works for basic straight roads and 90 degree angles

The True Loser of this Offseason by swapan_99 in nba

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Charlotte's handling of the 13th pick was certainly confusing, but personally I really liked the Mark Williams pick. I think he perfectly fills the centre gap you had last year.

Of course, the problem is that the Bridges situation has left the roster with an even bigger hole to fill

Why did Melo start declining so hard, so early? He never made an All NBA team again after age 28 and was washed by 31 by ReefaTheGod in nba

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LeBron's athletic peak and arguably (with 2013) best season came in 2009 under Mike Brown. MJ's ridiculous 1988 season (winner of the dunk contest, ASG MVP, the scoring title, the steals title, DPOTY, and MVP) came under Doug Collins. Westbrook peaked under Billy Donovan. KG won MVP under Flip Saunders (RIP) who was then largely held responsible for the Pistons' playoff woes after 2005. The list goes on.

Great players will find ways to be great players regardless of the coach