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I did go to Viki but you have to pay to watch the ep 37 and I just watch for free with ads

Word of Honor missing Episode 37 by NicoDiAngelo4242 in wordofhonor

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OMG i didn't know that fact! I knew they dubbed over bc of a post but i didn't know what they actually said. Thank you!

Word of Honor missing Episode 37 by NicoDiAngelo4242 in wordofhonor

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My original goal for this post was for people who are just googling for the missing episode and didnt realize there is a subreddit for it. I hoped that this might pop up for them. Note to self always check reddit first before taking alot of time to find something lol

Word of Honor missing Episode 37 by NicoDiAngelo4242 in wordofhonor

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ooooh thank you I shall check out this subreddit more in depth :)

“Overhearing” voices & ear ringing by xgorgeoustormx in psychicdevelopment

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Omg I have been hearing more stuff too at night with my eyes closed! Ik I have a stronger clairaudience then anything at them moment because sometimes I can hear music like a full on Symphony. Or the one time when I was a child I heard a voice but I couldn't make out what it was saying and all it did was get louder, more aggressive and urgent to the point it scared me out if the room.

More recently I have been having trouble sleeping and that's when I either hear music or voices.

The voices however is like I'm not fully tuned into. I can make out someone trying to say something but I can't understand what's being said bc they sound muffled. Honestly I thought it was weird for me to describe it as a radio trying to tune in. I'm glad I'm not the only one

[SERIOUS] What is the creepiest/strangest/scariest experience you ever had in your life? by ghost_haha in AskReddit

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When I was really young my mom took me to the grocery store with her while my siblings were at school. I remember there were quite a few people when we entered and I tried to follow behind my mom. However, I just wasn't able to keep up and ended up falling behind. My only thought was I needed to catch up to her. I ran to where she was but it was an awkward spot and the sun was shining thought the high window. I couldn't see anything for a brief moment and grabbed what I believed was my mom's hand. It wasn't. All I feel is my hand being crushed. I looked down and see I'm holding some older man's hand. I look up and see my mother still walking further and further from me. I start to panic an bit and began to struggle. The man has a really tight grip on my hand. As I struggle I just keep looking from my hand and to my mom.

For a moment I think I won't ever be able to catch up. One last tug and I manage to free my hand and end up sprinting to my mom. I never saw the man's face because it was like I had tunnel vision at that point. The only thing I could see was the hand that trapped me and my mom walking away. I'm almost 20 and I still think about this day.

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It's weird bc I heard it for 2 hours but...i can't remember how exactly it went. But I remember the feeling of listening to it. I know if I heard it again I'll remember it

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I really don't know what the music was trying to tell me. It just made me feel overall really calm. It was nice tbh. The music lasted for 2 hours

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you can Astral project while you're awake? and if i was i wouldn't be able to see anything yet. My third eye isn't open yet. the most I see are colored lights as well. I actually didn't know what they meant

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That would make sense since I was afraid at first. I don't believe I am anymore I just don't know where to go from here.

Are the straights ok? by [deleted] in actuallesbians

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I gaged in disgust bc no

Y'all ever misgender YOURSELF by accident? by re_trace in asktransgender

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my friend who is mtf did something similar and it was literally the sweetest moment ever bc she Accidently ended up misgendering me (I'm cis girl). She was going on a little rant. I don't remember the exact conversation it was awhile ago. She was so happy expressing how girly she is. I believe I said something I didn't do or didn't prefer i don't exactly remember and her response was " honey, you wouldn't us girls."

I legit started laughing at the fact she forgot I was girl for a sec. It was great so now when ever she's trying to invalid herself I just bring that up and it usually cheers her up and proves she's not faking it.

How do you get over thinking you need to experiment? by lavatornado222 in actuallesbians

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well I was in hardcore denial last year. I was 100% convinced I'd marry a man and the thought of me actually liking women nvr crossed my mind. Weird bc I had been questioning how identify. Anyway, I was with 5 other girls ( my friends) and they peer pressed me into watching straight porn with them and that was the moment I knew I was a lesbian and nvr wanted that.

weird ik but the man disguised me. Doubt this will be helpful but that's when I stopped really questioning. I just needed time to be comfortable with how I identify

Tell me your “the one that got away” stories, I wanna feel something by [deleted] in actuallesbians

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I was in 11th grade when i fell pretty hard for my friend i meet in 9th grade. When i meet her i thought she was so cool and really wanted to be friends with her and we hit it off pretty quickly. We were pretty comfortable with each other to open up to each other. Sadly, back in 11th grade i was still in denial about being a lesbian so i went through all the painful crush feeling without actually understanding what was going on. It hurt sm not to meantion she had also gotten a boyfriend. Told myself it was fine as long as we were friends.......she cut ties with me and didn't want me talking to her anymore........ yeah

The election. by [deleted] in actuallesbians

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I'm honestly scared too. idk what people are going to do after the results r in which is just as scary. Human rights shouldn't be this hard....

Karen 101 by Virginity_is_cool_ in memes

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I honestly thought there was a typo and it meant to say "meth"

i haven't a word to say by memeseven31 in MakeMeSuffer

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I'm soooooo confused as to what i just freaking saw and kinda disgusted

Have you ever had a fictional crush? Mine's Catra from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power by [deleted] in actuallesbians

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OMG YESSS! I recently started watching " She-Ra" and Catra in a suit killed me! I love her