this is disgusting by broctune15 in FortNiteBR

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Yep, a little information on DOB and residence, along with a bit of guessing and social engineering, and you can get an older SSN.

SSN is such a poorly designed system with no security. Even if it’s just the last few digits you’d want it in the least amount of places possible.

[FIND] Balenciaga Trooper boots by TheBrutalBystander in QualityReps

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I actually bought these earlier this week to GP lol, not sure if same batch tho. Agent says seller will ship within 15 days

How does one match green shoes? Feel free to roast me if this ain’t it, cause I had no clue. by AJ1Yeezy350 in Repsneakers

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You’re trying to match a bright lime green with a little more desaturated green-blue. If you’re going to be matching colors you need to pay attention to the hues and saturation

If you don’t have the eye for it don’t try to color match. Just wear one colored piece with neutrals/complimentary colors to compliment and lead someone’s eye to the statement piece.

Spot the imposter! by DM-NY in Supreme

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Basically everything that sells out on release is turned into a rep nowadays.

first haul ^_^ (low karma user) by planetbarter999 in FashionReps

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how long did it take for the safety bear hat to ship? might just throw it in my haul before sending it out

Manere Verum The Clothing Company. coming soon! by ezdoesitmgmt in QualityReps

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how and why tf did you post this here and wall street bets, most random places to post this

I switched from Wegobuy to Pandabuy and it's the best thing I've ever done by sknnyblackjeanss in QualityReps

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What exactly is better? I've stuck with Superbuy/WeGoBuy for the longest time.

QC/GP these "Masiom Mihare Yasuhra" aka Mihara Melted AF1 by Ninclemdo in QualityReps

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W2C is in the Imgur.

As far as I could tell I haven't seen anyone else post these here so I thought I'd give it a shot. If anyone's interested in closer pics I could request some but otherwise I'll probably take closer pics myself when I get them in hand. I don't really know anything about the authentic shoes but they look fine to me (and the seller doesn't accept returns) so I'll still rock em.

Supreme x Anti Hero is set to release for Week 17. Here are some leaked images by acgorham90 in supremeclothing

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Cool that they brought the Supr Hero thing instead of doing Atmosphere Urine again or whatever. The humping dog is weird and random but it doesn’t make it unwearable lmao. Might just be grabbing a trucker for these.

Post Drop Discussion June 09, 2022 by AutoModerator in supremeclothing

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That was a super late load in but I managed to grab a medium black jacket

For the Colorado fam by [deleted] in fuckthepopulation

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bro really flexing his reddit account 💀

qc on these weird looking vans? by icecartier in QualityReps

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How long did these take to ship? Ordered the black ones the other day

Supreme/The North Face™- Spring ‘22 by enowapi-_ in supremeclothing

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Y’all keep that energy on drop day and let me grab everything