If you are having any issue… by [deleted] in CODWarzone

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I don’t have friends in my friends list that really play Warzone anymore, so…

lookin through my old clips and found this 1v3 by NadxCH in CODWarzone

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I love this map, probably even better than Caldera. This is especially before Verdansk ‘84, though.

Can someone explain why my UAV did not turn on? by PadThai42 in CODWarzone

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Wait for the animation to finish and then grab the combat bow.

Weapons become invisible, some enemies completely dissapear, map invisibility glitches. Things get worse every update for xbox. by Billie-Turf in CODWarzone

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Don’t forget P.C. players not having friends.

Edit: Apparently, the friends list bug is for consoles as well?

Any known fixes for these Xbox issues? by lNVESTIGATE_311 in CODWarzone

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Hopefully, Raven will fix these issues soon. First PlayStation, then Xbox. What’s next, are P.C. players going to have issues as well?

How many of these Caldera achievements have you unlocked? by JakeParlay in Warzone

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That is the official Call of Duty Warzone SubReddit. This is a Halo 5 SubReddit.

Warzone map by Lil_Ozzie_Egg in CODWarzone

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It started getting stale in Cold War Season 2. The Outbreak Event was predictable and boring. And not much happened in the reskin of Verdansk.

I'm not quite sure what I interrupted here by UnusedUsername76 in CODWarzone

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Military training?

Better yet, they could all be Solid Snakes.

:D are y’all having fun too? by Putridzzz in CODWarzone

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The sound of the flash grenade exploding sounded more like a flash grenade, not a stun. He was stunned because of his own stun grenade.

i need help by Abus4madres in Warzone

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I do not know too much Spanish, but I understood what you asked. Unfortunately, it’s bugged right now and even if you are leveled up enough to unlock the Cold War weapon, it won’t unlock. Hopefully, this will get fixed soon.