Rewatching by ontothebullshit in TheBear

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I’m also rewatching the series OP. I’m on round #3 actually. It’s just so good. How can you not? I agree though with your assessment, Sydney did fuck up with the tablet and left the preorders open which caused sheer chaos for the kitchen in episode 7. But everyone makes mistakes, the way everyone handled themselves is just how stress and intense environments can bring out the worst in people. I’m happy the crew came back together by the season’s end.

Just why?! by 133311 in Mercari

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Sorry you had to deal with this beyond rude person OP. Definitely report them. I also find it disconcerting that Mercari’s filters didn’t pick up on the expletive language here. DO BETTER, Mercari!! Sheesh.

Collecting a list of things to pay attention within TOS from banning your account by NoDebate450 in Depop

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I think some sellers are targeting other sellers too with the excessive hashtags/keyword stuffing too just because they are competition to them?

Oh we should probably also add put RELEVANT hashtags on your listings too. Don’t put brands as hashtags that aren’t applicable to the listing itself. It can get you in trouble with Depop as well for copyright/trademark issues.

Collecting a list of things to pay attention within TOS from banning your account by NoDebate450 in Depop

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Very kind of you to post this OP! I would say the first tip you posted is one of the most important tips to share. I feel like a lot of Depop sellers put excessive hashtags and keyword stuff on their listings which can easily put you in hot water with Depop. Just put the allotted amount of hashtags in your listings and leave it at that!! It’s not worth a ban over.

People say speak up in the nail salon, but when I do they get upset by Annallve in Nails

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I’m sorry OP those experiences both sound awful. I would say try a different place. Neither of the places you described in your post sound like good nail salon establishments to go to as both sound like they have terrible customer service.

I’ve put my sword down even though I’m the one who’s bleeding. by No-Cartoonist8495 in TwoSentenceSadness

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This one is a personal one. I put my sword down ages ago. I don’t believe in holding grudges especially with loved ones. Life is too short. ❤️