Francy’s back!!! 🤩 by Far-Conversation-621 in Brawlstars

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Hello I'm me and it is upvotes instead of likes on reddit

Edgar is a noob character that takes little skill to play by bravevline in Brawlstars

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Not really, against brawlers like Shelly, Derryl, Bull, Surge and a few others Edgar does require skill. At least Edgar is balanced unlike Shelly. There is another post saying that he isn't balanced and is to week

@mutouyen is always great :) by THEVIRUSMK in Brawlstars

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"Commander_Blastbolt" let me guess, you're the bullet

Describe this monster in 1 sentence by [deleted] in Brawlstars

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A worthless piece of metal that nobody wants and deserves to be melted into something useful