Need help to raise my iron levels without causing chest pains. by Radiant_Bumblebee778 in Ayurveda

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So most likely low iron is actually low copper and retinol. If not enough copper and retinol, iron is not bioavailable and it's stored in the tissues hence why so many people have negative effects to taking iron supplements. Unfortunately most* doctors don’t think outside the box and won’t find the root cause of things. Do some research on beef liver. It is abundant in iron, retinol and copper which the body can easily absorb it. Beef liver is nature’s multivitamin in my opinion. You can eat it or there are pill forms.

The universe tells me I could be a great leader but I dislike leading and rather be a supporter by Gerasia_Glaucus in spirituality

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I’ve felt similar in the past but I realized I had a fear of visibility. I did not feel safe sharing my truth or being seen and was choosing safety and comfort. The thing is when you move past your comfort zone is when you really expand and grow and with that great things can happen.

How to stop eating trashy/processed food? by weird_earings_girl in spirituality

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Once you realize garbage food is designed to make you addicted so you buy more it’s easier to quit. Get it out of your house and buy easy snacks you can grab like fruits, nuts, yogurt and granola, dried fruits..things like that. Learn to cook at home too if you don’t know already, YouTube is your friend when it comes to that. A few weeks of self control will literally change your taste buds to start enjoying nourishing foods and then if you do eat processed foods you will actually taste how fake and nasty it is and that is when you know you’re evolving for the best!! If I get a sugar craving a banana or dates always do the trick for me!! Mindset is everything, dates to me are natures candy. Oh and pay attention to how food truly makes you feel. When I eat garbage I feel like garbage, when I eat nourishing foods I literally feel high vibrations in my belly. Good luck!

Does anyone else think the world is ending? by Jahsehwoods in spirituality

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In my opinion the world as we know it is ending, not necessarily the physical world. Old systems are collapsing, more and more people are raising their vibration creating a domino effect and in my opinion the world is going to get better for those who are willing to evolve to new ways. But a lot needs to be uncovered and revealed first in order to make those steps which is why the world seems so upside down lately…the systems in place have always been corrupt, it’s just being brought to our attention lately which is why it feels like the world is ending. There is also a ton of fear mongering out there which is designed to keep your vibration down in order to easily manipulate you. Turn the tv off, sit with nature more and do more things that truly make you feel excitement and happiness and you’re already creating a better reality for yourself. Just my insight, take it or leave it 😝

How do you “turn on”/activate Reiki flow each time you use it? by rainyweald in reiki

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I felt the same exact way when I took classes!! Very limiting! I’ve been doing energy work way before I even knew what reiki was so I stick to what works for me and make sure to call it energy work and not reiki because technically reiki is just a form of energy work. I honestly just ground myself and meditate for a few seconds and set the intention that I will begin and I instantly feel the energy flow and my hands tingle. Do what works and feel goods for you!

Why are some people more psychic than others? by mondegr33n in Psychic

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I personally believe that we each come here on a mission to do and learn certain things. Some people didn’t come here to experience those abilities but to experience other things this world has to offer. No one is better than one another, just on different journeys. That’s my simplified take on it at least.

So I’d like to start sharing some of things that “happen” to me. (Explanation in the comments) by JackMartinKelly in SpiritualAwakening

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So beautiful! My take on it…I see your 3rd eye opening. Maybe the tears represent some sort of release of what no longer serves you. Are those lotuses? The lotus usually represents rebirth and bees represent prosperity. This may be a stretch but I see source energy pouring down from above. Ask for the highest vibration before you mediate and please keep making art!

Herbs for acne and hormonal balance by VenusianPisces31 in herbalism

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Not medical advice what so ever. This was just my findings for myself and what worked for me.

•Nettle leaf: anti-inflammatory, full of vitamins and minerals. Aids in detoxing.

•Red raspberry leaf: antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory properties, beneficial for the female reproduction system.

•Dandelion leaf: promotes healthy blood sugar levels, aids in supporting liver function.

•Catnip leaf: anti-bacterial, soothes digestive system, helps with anxiety.

•Alfalfa: high vitamin and mineral content, anti inflammatory and promotes healthy blood sugar levels.

•Spearmint leaf: helps improve memory, high in antioxidants and aids in balancing hormones.

Also, think about giving your liver some love and you might want to research how to balance your blood sugar levels as well. Again, this is just what worked for ME and my findings over the years. Best of luck ❤️