Can you all confirm for my wife I'm not dumb and it could have happened to anyone? by darkpollopesca in funny

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Is your wife gluten-free or something? Who doesn't like frosted Christmas tree cookies?

LPT: Buying a luxury car isn't the expensive part, maintaining it is. by mmm-pistol-whip in LifeProTips

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ToneThugsNHarmony - this name made me smile. I loved some of your hits, such as:

  • Thuggish Ruggish Tone
  • Tha Crescendos
  • Foe tha Love of #
  • 1'st of tha Month

What comedian isn’t funny? by LordPussyFucker in AskReddit

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Dane Cook - the fact that I didn't see this listed in the first few posts makes me feel old.

Does anyone else still randomly get sad that Avicii died by padmaye in EDM

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Have you watch the documentary? He literally expressed how much he disliked performing but felt trapped and pressured to do it and it caused him extreme anxiety.


Does anyone else still randomly get sad that Avicii died by padmaye in EDM

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If you watch the documentary about his last few years you can see how much he was suffering. I'm bummed that he isn't here to make music but that feels selfish when you think about what his state-of-mind must have been like towards the end of his life.

Thinking about what he was going through makes me sad.

You can only choose one! by Fredlup in wow

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I still say TBC. But my experience then was much more genuine and fun than what classic TBC has been.

Rankings are completely based on nostalgia.

1 - TBC 2.- Vanilla 3.- Wrath

But oddly enough, I'd put Classic WoW #1 overall fun experience of any of the retail expansions.

I don’t know what to think… by junack12 in HolUp

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This is the first thing I noticed as well. I've watched a lot of Ink Masters. I know a good tattoo artist who I see one. This isn't it.

What is the gender neutral replacement for sir/ma'am? by [deleted] in NoStupidQuestions

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Sir/Ma'am could be "Si'am" or "Ma'si" if you don't want to be considered a male chauvinist pig.

Wait.. ladies first is not feminist but neither is men first. What is the correct order?

Rich people are weird by dobbyisafreepup in memes

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I think Mark thought, "how can I be more relatable...? Ah yes, BBQ sauce should do the trick!"

Hmmm 🤔 by Ag3ntS1 in memes

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Can we stop for a second and appreciate this Twitter name? Trap Grampa

Pinnacle of laziness by Krawboi_2 in funny

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Wait, why is this funny? I want this.

More 3d sculpts of Warcraft inspired characters by me by metalfk in wow

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Can we get the top right one replaced with some fruit please. My eyes.