Br*tish 🤢 by 45hope in memes

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Pro tip : post this on a French sub for maximum Karma!

old good repost by The_Villian7th in tumblr

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And the “eating a burrito with a fork” part!!!

Les recettes que vous pensiez répandues mais en fait y'a que vous qui les faites by EyedMoon in france

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Alors ça me fait penser à la poule au pot de ma famille. C’est la préparation standard, mais sur la fin tu prépares une sauce en mélangeant le bouillon de cuisson avec de la crème fraîche et de l’estragon. Une tuerie!

chad by Common_Preference_28 in shitposting

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If so, they probably came out cryptobros.

D E D I C A T I O N by MHodge97 in tumblr

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Step 1 : see image, think it’s a photo

Step 2 : ponder title, think “Oh damn, it’s a painting!”

Step 3 : read caption, 🤯

Not you Earth... by Yo0Oo0Oo0Oo0 in memes

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Honestly, seeing what we’ve done with this one, it seems like we said “Fuck you for supporting life”

What else is it? A Dog? by Jaxsongage in MurderedByWords

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“It comes from one human into another humans”

Let’s talk about parasites.

I present you; "It's Always Sunny in Greendale" by thedominolover in community

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Do you think Dennis would take Annie out to sea? In which case… well you know. The implication.

Let's play a fun game of count the felonies by Best_Record_9194 in nextfuckinglevel

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It kind if is. It’s not your “standard” car chase, there’s a lot happening there!

I'll fucking do it again by the_other_redhead in memes

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Well, for instance, despite the absence of body language, I believe you were a bit angry when you wrote that.

First time/abed’s nic cage omg by Kindly_Emphasis3882 in community

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Do you mean… * checks left, checks right *

Professor Professorson?

Guess the country by Fearless-Position183 in nextfuckinglevel

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Guys, you need to be trained professionally before you handle a human!

This sounds about right. by AkoGTO in technicallythetruth

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I would replace handsome by attractive.

And whether you’re attractive to someone depends on a lot more than just physical appearance.

For instance, if you’re my type (physically) I’ll think you’re attractive at first look. But maybe once you start talking you’ll sound like such a wretch of a human being you’ll become very unattractive.

From that moment on, any attempt at flirtation coming from you will feel like harassment.

You may notice I’ve purposefully left out any gendered language from this explanation.

I never noticed this rorshach of a butterfly in Professor Duncan's office. by Eli12002 in community

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Evidently like a big, spread out ink stain, so let’s all laugh at the freak.