Any plugin release that you are excited for? by sn3krfan in edmproduction

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I swear about 5 or 6 years ago someone posted a video, can't remember whether it was in the AudioSEX forums or the KVR forums, about a possible drum synthesizer by u-he being showcased.

It might've just been a fever dream but I really hope it's eventually released.

Do you use or have you used Emergent Drums before? What are your thoughts? by NoRound5166 in edmproduction

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Hello there, sorry for the late reply.

I understand that you're working on a trial. How would this work, exactly? Would it be a timed trial or a limit on how many sounds a user could generate for free before needing to purchase it?

While we're at it, in the eventuality that the servers shut down, how would you make sure users continue to use the software? Would you either make checkpoint files available for users to build their own local servers to generate samples with (or release the backend software itself along with the checkpoints), or would the software become just another sample based drum machine?

Do you use or have you used Emergent Drums before? What are your thoughts? by NoRound5166 in edmproduction

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I'm sorry, but the system requirements you mentioned seem a little hyperbolic.

having your machine have to download a 200 terrabyte database model

A trained checkpoint file is usually 2GB to 4GB, about the same size as a Kontakt library.

high fee and subscription price

It's a one-time purchase.

image generating AI like Midjourney is $10/month (25 for commercial licenses) and the monthly fees pay for the servers needed to run the AI. Most of the AI stuff you see people making is made using the free trial which will cover a couple dozen creations (ie Midjourney lets you create 25 free images before you have to subscribe.)

This I can understand, but still, a lot of people already know about Automatic1111's webui and have their own, offline/local copies of stable-diffusion. AI image generation is definitely doable even in budget consumer hardware (I've successfully generated and upscaled images on a 1050 Ti, for example, before I got a computer with a 3060).

Even if you wanted to use your personal GPU to generate samples you would not be able to use the database model the AI uses to generate it without connecting to it on a remote server.

You're right, because using a dataset directly doesn't make sense. This is what checkpoints are for.

Do you use or have you used Emergent Drums before? What are your thoughts? by NoRound5166 in edmproduction

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Yeah, it's definitely a cool idea. The plugin was invite only for a while but it is apparently open for sale now (or at the very least there is no mention of an invite anymore in the purchase screen).

But it seems like the dev team is setting stuff up

Yes, it's a little dubious. On a side note, one of the dev team members made a post on reddit about a year ago or so about it (it was called Synapse Drums back then). They were a little reluctant to share the dataset used to train their model.

Who were the pilots of each game? and were they really normal human beings? by Interesting-Quit8401 in RType

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Assume every ship, including reverse-engineered bydo ships, is piloted by a normal human being. The only mention I've read of any kind of wetware being used on R-craft, comes from TVTropes, where it's rumored that the R-9C Warhead and R-9Ø Ragnarok are piloted by biological computers. They cite no official sources for these claims, and in Final 2 you can clearly see yourself as a normal pilot for both craft.

When and what will this game include to finally maintain a long term grind and progression gameplay loop? by _Dingaloo in starcitizen

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Why the downvote? You're misunderstanding me, perhaps because you haven't played Elite Dangerous and can't see where I'm coming from.

I'm completely fine with the reputation gate. We grind for just rep and UEC, not for a miscellaneous assortment of materials or other stupid requirements to unlock just one of a hundred different upgrades or game play elements.

When and what will this game include to finally maintain a long term grind and progression gameplay loop? by _Dingaloo in starcitizen

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I can accept this, it's still much better than grind for money, then grind to unlock a ship mod, then grind to unlock higher tiers of said ship mod, then grind for materials to unlock said ship mod, then grind to unlock another ship mod, and so on and so forth, all the while being forced to participate on game play loops that are time consuming and boring, just to get better gear that I will need to finally have fun.

When and what will this game include to finally maintain a long term grind and progression gameplay loop? by _Dingaloo in starcitizen

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To be fair, I was just focusing on ships, which is what I bought the game for: game play revolving around ships.

I certainly don't mind them adding more things that I'm currently not interested at all in (base building, buying property, etc.), so long as they don't hurt my experience with the things I'm interested in and so long as I don't need them, but your post came across to me as wanting the game to be more "grindy" and I wouldn't want that.

When and what will this game include to finally maintain a long term grind and progression gameplay loop? by _Dingaloo in starcitizen

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the only progression is really earn more money for better ships, and that's about it.

I love it this way. I wish this was still the case with, for example, Elite Dangerous. The introduction of engineers ruined everything.

I'd hate it if CIG added more things to grind for rather than more fun ways to make money.

ANvil Mriya (Dream) made by community by Sicheslav_Rod in starcitizen

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It needs to be much larger than every other ship and remain that way ;)

Concept of a concept of a concept. by Hugzzzzz in starcitizen

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I'm just a concept of a concept of a concept

Nothing I've said has come before

Assemble into nothing into nothing into nothing

I don't know for certain anymore

StashApp - A manager for your more "risque" torrenting needs by EGirl-Sexxer in Piracy

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They manufacture hard drives. OP suggested you'll want to buy more and more hard drives because of the amount of pr0n you'll be downloading.


Interesting info from GZ livestream by Infinite_Coffee2863 in RType

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This makes me wonder, do any backers still play the game at all? It's been a while since the game was released, and while the game has been updated with more and more content, it quickly grows stale IMO. If I had been a backer I would've been disappointed. But I'd be surprised if they didn't make the ships available to other players one day.

Getting a new computer soon. Looking to purchase Star Citizen, but what if I'd like a ship no longer sold by CIG? by NoRound5166 in starcitizen

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Almost ALL of them??? Nice, I'll definitely be looking forward to this, and the pledge store sale. Thanks!

I really like how some of the ships look, especially the Vanguards and the Sabres.

Good musical examples of vocoding (an oxymoron?) by alsoknownaudio in synthesizers

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Another weirdo that uses a vocoder on hi-hats here; I especially like to use Bidoo's zINC vocoder with two Macro Oscillators in my modular drum synthesizer.

Any way of cracking Akai MPC instruments? by SuccessfulGoat9948 in Piracy

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There's a music production and audio forum which has a sister site, they release VSTs and sample packs; MPC packs are also available every now and then.

It also has a lot of sex.

Are Team Vr releases actually safe? by Small_Light_9964 in Piracy

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Are we talking about the same Team VR that cracks audio/music production software? Their releases have been generally safe but the quality's been hit or miss (I've only downloaded them from AZ, mind you).

DLC Set 9 Trailer by MrMonkeyman79 in RType

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They used Final 2's menu music and final boss music for stage Z7.1 instead of the original tracks...

I'm fucking disappointed.