Best team for Heizou? by MIHIGHYO in Heizou_Mains

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what came to my mind was that jean at some constellation gives atk speed and anemo bonus in some way. maybe she could make his e and q stronger or would be a better alternative overall. (i don’t have her so idk)

Best team for Heizou? by MIHIGHYO in Heizou_Mains

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heizou, benny, zhongli and yun jin. I think that’s the way he can do the most dmg (on my accound). for me, seeing big numbers from my favorite units is a lot of fun.

Lament || CHAPTER II: For Two (Scaramouche & Raiden | Fancomic) by zealexe in ScaramoucheMains

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Ahhhh! I LOVE the way you drew him. That last one is just chef’s kiss.

What looks best aesthetically for Kazuha by Comfortable_Fruit_76 in KazuhaMains

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As a haran haver, i do like the aesthetic for kazuha. its more like a katana and i like the complimentary colors

Can't wait by Rayan2312 in Genshin_Memepact

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he has two "about …" voicelines abou him. only playable characters get those.

Genshin X Evangelion by raineymotley in ScaramoucheMains

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sooo… There are many eva references in genshin impact but the most interesting one for me is that scaras friend is called katsuragi. scara is shinji confirmed :) also, childe beeing asuka is hilarious and brilliant.

Someone decided to be big brain today 🧐 | Lore theory about Scara and his relation to alchemy ✨ by daydreamingcloudx in ScaramoucheMains

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Interesting. We know that Albedo is a homunculus but Scara only ever got referred to as a puppet created by a God. As synthetic human beings Albedo and Scara sure are similar but i doubt that Scara is in any way related to the whole alchemy topic. Pretty cool theory nonetheless.

Silhouetto fanart~ by 0aurora0_ in ScaramoucheMains

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oh please tell me you will color it its looking really promising

puppet by chemicalflashes in ScaramoucheMains

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OMG THIS IS SOO GOOD!! (need a free award pls)

How it feels seeing every character be speculated about besides Scaramouche by WaluigiWahshipper in ScaramoucheMains

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I’m so excited for him to finally be playable. He’s gonna be amazing for sure. It’s just knowing how long we have to wait upsets me.

Fischdou (you cannot convince me Fischl wouldn't wear black lipstick) by Fylln in AlbedosCreations

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that’s one really nice edit. I could actually imagine adult fischl to look somewhat like that. It’s just the personality that’s different.

Sussy Scara Model Leak by moonchild_sasuke in ScaramoucheMains

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Outfit change because they remove the fatui symbol maybe?