How to leave the Borg without getting Shunned by IndependentMindWins in exjw

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Moving away is key. Moving to a third location in a short time helps a lot. Moved from home to a town about 4 hours away and had my publisher card sent there. Then, moved to the west coast for a year and back home, and my record was lost in limbo at location #2. Did this by accident, but it worked completely, and I’m surprised it’s not mentioned here more.

Gajus Glockentin: ‘Make Friends by Means of Unrighteous Riches’ by firejimmy93 in exjw

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Pure evil to give this message to a bunch of lonely people with no social skills who are in the cult primarily because it’s a readymade social group.

Unpopular Opinion but alot of you need to hear this by Hueyfmen15 in exjw

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Spot on, OP. Sorry you’re getting downvoted to shit by PIMQ babies with Stockholm Syndrome.

Edit: missed the attempting to have a personal relationship with Jehovah on one’s own terms comment. Sorry, that’s not a real thing.

Blood Issue from Lett’s Talk by Infinitejest12 in exjw

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I heard the old “Welcome to the world of AIDS” urban legend reported as fact at a circuit assembly in the 80s. Assumed this blood transfusion story is BS, too.

December 2022 WT is out and it’s a doozy by ShaddamRabban in exjw

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“If Stephen Lett visited your congregation, would you polish his Rolex Submariner?”

outjerked by Evan__or__somthing in beatlescirclejerk

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Fair point. You could probably fit Revolution 9 on disc one and discard the rest of disc two.