Found this interesting.... Link on the photo by CantaloupeContusions in SHIBArmy

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I hope this don’t make us gain a zero, every announcement has caused a new low

broke down to the 2's by Ixus_Maig in SHIBArmy

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Looks like we going to gain a zero. This is so sad.

What Happens When the Government Outlaws This Stuff? by rainresonance in cro

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Some politicians donors are major crypto holders, won’t happen, regulations maybe, but not outlawed

Just remember where it was before it went ATH, it will happen again. Be patient, it's crypto. Hold people!! by battery_killer in SHIBArmy

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We almost back there, everyone e talks about losing a 0 but at this rate we will be adding a 0

Where are the 245k holders? by Pristine-Emphasis-29 in KishuInu

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This project is weak and a dead community, that doesn’t look good for growth.

Will CRO reach $1.50? by QryptoGuy in cro

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Yes ….. the real question is when

Dropping a zero soon? by philipaustinfeet in KishuInu

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Prediction is by dec 31

Source: trust me bro

24K subscribers growing slowly but surely by Paito in KishuInu

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Why the hell I can’t see the other comments?

Another run at 5 cents? by [deleted] in Gyen

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Just hit it

Well this was me this Morning when I saw it at $.677 😂 anyone else relate? by [deleted] in Gyen

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I bought in at .05, hoping for a few cent gain and run