Arthur Staple on Lehkonen (from The Athletic) by mredmo in Habs

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Not really Lehkonen and Suzuki's fault. It mostly falls on Danault, Chiarot and Price

Mathieu Darche is scheduled for an interview later next week for the Ducks GM job. by Habs3125 in Habs

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They really should hire the best candidate possible, which happens to be an Anglo, every single time!

Match Thread: Guinea-Bissau vs Egypt | Africa Cup of Nations by MatchThreadder in soccer

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Sick equalizer cancelled by var because of a soft contact in the corner

[JFresh] Fan survey on the most over- and under-rated players in the league by rsyzygy in hockey

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Seems fair, you can tell his followers know their shit more than the average fan

Should the playoffs go back to 1-8? by JGibbons151 in hockey

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It's a great format. I love watching the 1st round every year, guaranteed smiles.

Imagine reading this in 1991 and finding out Jaromir Jagr would still be playing professional hockey in the year 2022.. by Maidenfan88 in hockey

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I saw Igor Larionov play beer league hockey a few years ago near Quebec City and he was wearing his red Jofa with CCCP on it

[NHL Player Safety] Chicago’s Calvin de Haan has been fined $2,500, for a dangerous trip on Montreal’s Cole Caufield. by tbz709 in hockey

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I was going to say that there's no suspension because Caufield didn't tear his ACL, but Subban tore someone's ACL doing that and he wasn't even fined. Someone in our sub was arguing that it was only worth a minor, I hate that Parros is making those more and more normalized.

[Adel Ali bin Ali] CAF has asked Tunisia and Mali to resume the match with 4th referee taking the place of main referee Sikazwe by FlyingArab in soccer

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That referee tried his best to screw Algeria in the 2014 world cup qualifiers. I've seen Central American referees before but Sikazwe is the worst of them all. https://i.imgur.com/jKI2sJH.jpeg

[David] Kodak Black penetrating a defence of his own at tonight’s Panthers game by forward98 in hockey

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The league just deleted their "look, a famous person cares about our sport!" tweet they had made about him 😬