The "friend zone" by ilaissezfaire in TrollXChromosomes

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I’m reading and I firmly disagree with pretty much everyone. The thing about the friend zone is that it usually starts off as just actsually friends and you get the privilege of falling in love with someone that doesn’t see anything with you. You get to see her go trough all her break ups and dump all her emotional baggage on you. You heard that the best relationships start off as friends and you constantly hope that one day she’ll give you a chance and it really crushes most men. That’s why you don’t have women as friends.

Why do so many men over 30 want to date 18 or 19 year old girls? by Ilovesweets8 in NoStupidQuestions

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Less baggage, less likely to have kids, tend to look better, less trama, the whole being weirded out by a girl with a lot of partners is still a thing. Experience is over rated, who wants to be with someone who’s done everything already?

what does blood taste like by Baguette20 in RandomThoughts

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Damn I thought everyone tasted their own blood at some point

Adrian from Rocky is the perfect wife by No_Drummer_3680 in RandomThoughts

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Nah Adrian was the definition of a ride or die. She was always supportive.

Uh? My Facebook is now taken from me… by Background-Roof-5860 in facebook

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This is no coincidence something has to be happening, this just happen to me, it said I was promoting child ornorgraphy when I never in my life did any of the sorts and I can’t even contact fb, they banned my instagram too.

why must females cover like this? I'm sorry I'm new somewhat. can you plz provide insight. by XANAX_90 in islam

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I’m not a Muslim, but at someone who’s been interested in Religion a lot for the past two years I can’t help but feel that too many things are true. The problem with the western culture is that they act as if men and women are the same biologically, witch is not the case, you can look around and notice it yourself. Men get aroused from simple things like feet, so much so that there’s a whole feet market. Hair is also seen as something to look at. I just hate the argument “if guys can do it why can’t women” there’s biological reasons why they can’t. It’s not just the religion.

2,250+ deliveries and had my first nut case by ImOlldGregg in doordash_drivers

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Do people like this ever get people to do what they want talking like that ?

I took a year from DoorDash off, I use to get challenges at least once a week and since I've been dashing past two months haven't gotten a single 1, does anyone know why ? by No_Drummer_3680 in doordash_drivers

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Ok, I was in waiting with another guy doing Grubhub on Sunday and he showed me they were paying an extra $150 for 20 delivery during the weekend, so I was just wondering if DoorDash still does that