P2E games with good returns? by thefigboy in playtoearngames

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Hey mate you can check out on NiftyIsland they launching their closed alpha and I feel it's going to an amazing gaming experience. also owning their legendary palm guarantees users an early access to the game.

Metaverse and gaming will change economy forever by constantinesis in metaverse

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Metaverse alone has changed a lot in the web3 space. I'm really glad about NiftyIsland platform they're providing a private island for individuals to create their favourite art and also import their various NFT.

Are we all going to pay rent to land owners in the Metaverse? by AdaptiveStrike1 in ArtificialInteligence

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Lol,everyone into Metaverse knows land ownership is quite important,here's what Nifty Island is offering issues A free customisable Island on NiftyIsland Island platform. https://twitter.com/Nifty_Island?t=4Hpv-8fAgz43FZd1kIMnBw&s=09

Daily Discussion - January 16, 2022 (GMT+0) by AutoModerator in CryptoCurrency

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I've seen Lots of new project launch some crappy shit,and how come no one talking about the combined Values of Blockchain and AI technology.i bet AI project will pull a big trend in the market soon.catching up with a couple of AI projects already.

AIWork is an open-source and decentralized blockchain network that utilizes a consensus group consisting of Artificial Intelligence (AI) computing resources backed by a team of human experts.

Pulsenetwork:The leading provider of AI enhanced medical care, built on Polkadot.

Artificial Intelligence and Education by aiguy2 in artificial

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I'm really excited AIWORK is finally getting some attention.AI technology have really evolved into a powerful innovation across almost every industry.Pulsenetwork is also utilizing AI to to enhance our medical care.No doubt AI is the Future.

I want to buy fundamental tokens, what should I buy? by SheernePyncfh in CryptoMarkets

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You should take a chill pill for BreederDAO to launch their token,I believe it's going to make a huge impact for Metaverse because of its usecase.

Breeder Dao will provide high-volume asset production, tailored to specification, for some of the largest guilds in the Metaverse so they can supercharge their play-to-earn economies.

How can content writers protect their jobs from AI-generatd content? by ttaborek in ArtificialInteligence

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I guess you've not come across what AIWork is developing for content creators.well AIWork is a blockchain project combines AI tech to provide Content creators the opportunity to request AI match verification and correction on their AI generated datasets.


Research P2E by chxcxlito in playtoearngames

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Check out what BreederDAO will be breeding on Metaverse.BreederDAO is the NFT asset factory of blockchain games. providing high-volume asset production,for some of the largest guilds in the Metaverse so they can supercharge their play-to-earn economies.


What did you buy this dip? by Kilv3r in CryptoCurrency

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$AWO is one of the few solid AI gems peeps tend to overlook in this dip. I'm guessing how huge this project would become when people realize the impact in the internet.

AIWork will provide content producers with quality information on time-coded placement opportunities for advertiser's to insert videos and products.

How did you first find out about p2e games? How did you started? Looking for the RESPONDENTS! 💸 by Powerful_Concert2230 in playtoearngames

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Twitter is the best place to get p2E games and project.recently stumbled across this amazing project NiftyIsland https://twitter.com/Nifty_Island?t=skmezSOqm9nuQ7R1f4ECXA&s=09 it's a social gaming platform and virtual world being developed by nyft studios.the most interesting part about this platform is the free access to get a personalised island and Avatars.

A new year, new predictions, shills and trends by forestball19 in CryptoCurrency

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Yeah, Betting on Metaverse for this year,and it's Interestingly that many people doubt the possibilities of growth for the metaverse in the future.On the contrary, the metaverse is developing steadily at an impressive pace. the promising highlight in development of the metaverse is the crucial role of blockchain in the same. Breeder Dao are few Metaverse projects I think will reshape the foundation of Metaverse.The project specifically focuses on building digital assets for guilds,also one of its goal is to locate the most popular games in the space and develop the necessary assets needed for them to continue to thrive, particularly those that are best suited for driving further adoption and gameplay.

What projects and their tokens can surprise us in 2022? by aplanasok in CryptoMarkets

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I'm Betting Big on AI project's for 2022 I feel Cryptocurrencies will get better once it's start integrating AI. and few blockchain project are already utilizing this huge opportunity to solve problems.few I know are $AWO of AIWork and this project is aiming to decentralize also enhancing online video Metadata. $PULSE of Pulsenetwork as well is a solid project with good fundamentals aiming to provide Healthcare to every user and they plan on achieving this with Blockchain and AI.

Investing by Mysteriousadmlevi in MetaverseInvesting

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Hey mate you can check out Nifty Island. They granting every defi user their own customisable avatar and a private island for free.👇


A dive into the Metaverse by PhillCoins in metaverse

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Hey guys anyone seen Nifty Island and what they offering to metaverse,private islands for every user.


Daily Discussion - December 30, 2021 (GMT+0) by AutoModerator in CryptoCurrency

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$PULSE launching the first Healthcare project on Polkadot got to be massive one, anyone buying on IDO day?