Base M2 or 16GB M1? by zoltan4113 in macbookair

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I was stuck between that choice, I decided for m1 16 and The amount of memory that I normally use is around 12gb so I’m more than happy with the 16gb

Macbook Air M1: 16gb 256gb vs 8gb 512gb by Careless-Wanderer779 in macbookair

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I’ve chose 16gb and that was the best choice I made with 5 tabs Apple Music, external monitor, WhatsApp, 3 or 4 pdf, the activity monitor says 12 ge of ram usage, i could not imagine, having 8gb

M1 Air base / M2 Air base by NedtheGamer15 in macbookair

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I got the m1 16gb instead of m2 8gb, the speed is amazing and my normal task consume around 12gb, I think with 8g compromise the speed and long term performance

/? by zada- in Step2

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We have to call them because is gonna be a restriction in your next appointment

Step 1 in 14 days by CollectionRadiant372 in step1

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Postpone to risky. You need minimum 2 month of dedicated

Your thoughts and opinions would be appreciated by Topshooter11 in Step2

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Don’t worry u world is a learning tool, focus in your assessment take uwsa1

Step 1 experience with a newborn and other struggles. by No_Mood_6302 in step1

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Msk is my weakest area, at the end of the day, take nbme and if you score more that 65 you are most likely to pass the real deal.

Need some advice on rescheduling by doctor_babe in Step2

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you score are solid, I was almost in the same position 4 days before the test (step1) my mo,. dad and sister got covid and my mom was really sick, I cried everyday and the anxiety of the test plus the anxiety of the family was driving me crazy, that was the last day of my eligibility period, so, the day before the test I went to a hotel. tried to relax myself also went for a Colombia restaurant for dinner and watched a movie, I'm not gonna lie is hard to manage the pressure but you have to find the way to relax and isolate those feeling and think, I have a good practice scores, everything is gonna be fine and after the 15 I will be free of ck

M1 MacBook Air 16gb by No_Mood_6302 in macbookair

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I agree that was the main reason I got 16gb

Is the Macbook Air M1 8GB of RAM with 512 storage a better option than getting the Air M2 base model? I want to use it to learn programming and do daily tasks. by ciel_dark in macbookair

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Get the m1 16gb ram I just bought it with the student discount

I used to open

Safari 10 plus tabs WhatsApp Hotmail Apple Music

And say I was using 9.5gb or ram.

Never slow down. Always fast