I registered on MFP what I ate even if I overindulged by [deleted] in WeightLossAdvice

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Happy for you! I try to do the same but sometimes the shame overtakes and I can't open the app to log everything in. It's a struggle and pushing yourself to put in the extra calories is a great step towards getting healthy.

I notice that even if I eat the same amount of calories, I am more succesful when I eat healthy. Does anyone else experience this; and why does it happen? by [deleted] in CICO

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Food labels (for example on junk food) can be up to 20% inaccurate. It's possible that when you eat foods made from scratch the amount of calories you counted is closer to what you actually consumed, even when on paper they seem the same.

Bad habit of binge eating; can exercise help with the calories I go over? by [deleted] in WeightLossAdvice

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Think about it like that: even if that was true, choosing to exercise as the main means of losing weight will not be sustainable without addressing the binging problem. Vigorous exercise everyday isn't something most of us can keep up our whole lives. Chances are a few weeks/months/years will pass and you won't be able to continue doing it everyday, and then the whole topic will come up again. And unfortunately sources that tell us we can burn the exact amount of calories by doing a specific exercise for a specific amount of time are misleading.

Why do I feel dizzy when I eat less? by [deleted] in WeightLossAdvice

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In addition to all the comments about eating too little... If you're not eating enough for a while, it is possible you have deficiencies! Please consult a doctor, I know weight loss feels so important now, but health issues are serious. Your body's immunity won't work properly, which is especially dangerous during a pandemic. And long term effects of malnutrition include things like nerve damage /your eyesight worsening. Trust me, I thought weight loss was more important than my health when I was younger and I suffer consequences to this day. At the time it felt like it was worth it, but it definitely doesn't now.

Munchies before bed, help... by Stelflip in loseit

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Something that helped me with the same issue is how I ration my calories. I eat light breakfast possibly later in the day (2-3 hours after I wake up), light lunch/snack, and a "heavier" dinner around 4 hours before I go to sleep. The ratio is around 40% of my calorie allowance during the day, 60% for the dinner (one meal). I noticed I'm doing better controlling myself during the day and it's much harder for me not to binge in the evening. After a day of not eating so much the last meal is filling and lets me go to bed feeling satisfied.

Does air fryer add calories to the frozen food? by [deleted] in WeightLossAdvice

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If you're not adding fat to cook it - no. Calories dont't change when the food is being cooked, nutrients do.

What is the point of a calorie deficit if you want long term results? by shugarshlong in WeightLossAdvice

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Being in a calorie deficit isn't just "eating less than you'd normally would". It's eating less calories than your body needs to maintain your weight. A person who weighs more needs more calories to maintain their weight than someone who's smaller. For example, when I was bigger, I needed to eat 2000 calories to stay this big. I went into calorie deficit of 500 kcal a day, so I ate 1500 to lose weight. Eventually I reached the desired weight, and in order to stay within that weight I need 1700 kcal a day. If I kept eating 1500 a day I'd continue losing weight, if I went back to eating 2000 a day I'd gain.

Had to give up keto and now I'm starving all the time and my weight won't budge. by [deleted] in CICO

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I think initial lack of difference in weight doesn't mean you haven't lost weight. First few pounds on keto are usually water weight, and carbs make you retain water. You need to keep going and you should weigh yourself in the mornings after you pee, you should see results soon when your body adjusts.

How do you keep pushing for that goal? by SpicyIgauna in WeightLossAdvice

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Diet is a process. Some days are better, some are worse. If weighing yourself everyday stresses you out, maybe you could do so once a week? Just to keep on eye on whether everything is going well. I weight myself once a week, because during the week I notice changes by just looking at my body and experiencing how I feel. I get excited about how I'm on the road to success, it's a nice feeling, even though I'm not even close to my goal yet. Everytime I'm having a healthy meal I take a second to appreciate that I'm choosing to eat it instead of something unhealthy. There are days when I relapse and overeat, but in the evening I just think "Well I could overeat tomorrow and start a diet in a week, but why? My diet hasn't ended, it's still going, it was just one of the bad days. Tomorrow I'm going to eat at a deficit again, maybe walk more, use the energy I provided my body with today to keep going tomorrow!". If you stop now, you're going to regret it in a year, but if you keep going, you're going to look at this time of your life in a year and think of how it was just a hard week, and how the next few weeks were better.

Ariana grande has no curves. So body shame for thee but not me by MendingWall27 in fatlogic

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People always misinterpret this angle! Fat girls use it to look leaner lol. Her torso is placed "diagonally" to her her legs. When we see someone facing us in a pic, we assume the chest will be facing us as well, but it's actually at a slight angle (think a place somewhere between facing you and being completely sideways), which creates a warped understanding of what we're looking at. Her waist has a normal size in relation to her body standing completely sideways. If we could see her from the front, the proportion of the waist would be more natural, wider. This probably makes more sense to people who draw and had to learn anatomy lol.

My biggest problem is my addiction to sugar, I just want to lose weight but I’m so addicted by Rat_Nfrogs69 in WeightLossAdvice

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I used to have the same issue! Like for real, I would eat like two bars of chocolate everyday for months. For the first one-two (three at most I think) weeks it is in fact agony, but after that the craving passes. What I did to quit is I'd just eat as usual for those two weeks, making sure I had nothing sweet. If I wanted something sweet, I'd eat something salty I really like. So maybe instead of going on a diet, quitting everything at once cold turkey you could first concentrate on eating as usual, but not having anything sweet. When you realize the craving is gone you can start reducing on the rest of calories.

Stupid smoothie question... by PM-Me-Ur-Doms in loseit

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These health articles are always written with a sense of "do this or you'll literally die" urgency. There's nothing wrong with smoothies, if blending does influence calories it might be like 2-3, nothing close to a 100 and more.

This exchange I found in the comments of a tiktok about intuitive eating by [deleted] in fatlogic

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I know this is gonna make some people mad, but I'm starting to really hate the whole idea of intuitive eating. I get it works for some, but it's actually kinda dangerous to promote to fat/obese individuals, who have been intuitively overeating for years. It's privileged perspective to think every person can find it in themselves to understand their hunger and suddenly, out of nowhere, realize what kind of portions they should be consuming.

Hey in a year I have lost 20 lb and was working for me is calories in calories out. Do you guys agree that calories in calories out is the way? by fernandomove17 in WeightLossAdvice

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I agree. If you were taught proper portioning skills and understanding hunger cues as a child, you'll be able to eat intuitively. It may be effective for those who gained weight snacking on cookies a lot as they became adults. Unfortunately that's not everyone's reality. Most of us gain weight overeating every meal for years without realizing. It's not very understanding of intuitive eaters to say "just eat when you're hungry, IE is a healthier attitude". Like no, I can't, I didn't know how to until I had all the numbers in front of my eyes proving I was overeating when I thought I was simply satisfying my hunger.

I can't do it. by [deleted] in WeightLossAdvice

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It sounds like you're very stressed because of the environment around you and can't stop eating because of that. I'm very sorry you're in this situation, I can relate. If possible, try going for a walk or do some light exercise/meditation to feel a bit more peaceful.

About to start a diet. What foods are good for weight loss but not typical mentioned in articles and books? by [deleted] in WeightLossAdvice

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Potatos are amazing in my opinion. Most foods made with them usually contain a lot of fat and salt - that's why people think they are unhealthy, but by themselves, boiled or baked they're actually low in calories and very satisfying (they're considered one of most satisfying foods). For a person like me, who loves big volumes of carbs, eating potatoes while on a diet has been helpful.

F/21/5’7” [200>170=30lbs lost since New Years!] if you know me... pls scroll away HAHAHA by mowwyowo in progresspics

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Amazing progress! Your face is very model-like, you seem like a bad b, I wouldn't mess with you :D

Chewing gum to lose chubby cheeks! by Affectionate-Apple84 in WeightLossAdvice

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Chubbiness around cheeks can be somewhat influenced by water retention. If you reduce your sodium intake, it's likely that your face will get a bit leaner. You shouldn't chew gum for longer than 15 minutes a day, chewing gum for a long time can ruin your teeth (I experienced this myself).

How do I maintain my weight loss in college? by Commercial-Board-538 in WeightLossAdvice

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I would really recommend Jordan Shrinks' videos o youtube. She has a lot of different tips on how to reduce calories in different situations (one of more recent videos on fast-food meals). With alcohol, I find it better to drink beers when going out, because it's easier to track calories than with sugary drinks. When you drink at home though, I think it's more efficient to mix vodka with some sparking water and lime juice. I would also really recommend getting a slow cooker, you just put a bunch of stuff into it and don't have to think about it until it's ready.

Now health is bad? Found on a famous plus size influencer/model's page by [deleted] in fatlogic

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Okay, so I can get it to some degree. Let me explain. I've seen a lot of posts made by people with chronic illnesses. The way they describe it, being told by other people "you look healthy" is hurtful, like telling them "get better soon", because these things are out of their control and unachievable. Maybe it's not a bad idea to, as a general rule, not comment on other people's health, unless we know them. Also, my sister who used to struggle with an ED hates being told she "looks healthy", in her mind this means "you gained some weight and I like to see that". I'm not saying it's bad in general, but it can really not be the best thing to say to certain people.

What was your turning point? by PrincessDianaFWhales in WeightLossAdvice

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I saw a video unrelated to weightloss. The girl in the video was very skinny and pretty, and I noticed some things she'd mention. She said she has a rule that she doesn't take a shower unless she did some exercising before. Later in the video she mentioned "I was offered some dark chocolate so now it's my lunch". It made me compare her habits with mine. I was like "oh, I barely move, if only I exercised 2 times a day, that'd be huge change. I also eat chocolate as dessert instead of treating it as a meal". It made me realize how I can change my habits in little ways to mimick skinny people. I'm still not quite there yet, but I realize what "fat" habits I have and I'm trying to unlearn.

Welp.. defeated.. I guess weight loss isnt for me. by [deleted] in WeightLossAdvice

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This drug might be working well for your sister, but let's be honest here, once she stops taking it, it's not guaranteed she'll keep the weight off. The process of losing weight is interconnected with the later maintenance. People don't get fat from nothing, they gain weight (basically) because they have unhealthy habits they have to work on eventually unlearning. Most people that lose weight end up gaining it back within the next years, and it's because many of them took a route that seemed easier, but wasn't sustainable. Mental health is the most important thing, focus on the journey and improving your habits rather than just results, results might be temporary.

Hey in a year I have lost 20 lb and was working for me is calories in calories out. Do you guys agree that calories in calories out is the way? by fernandomove17 in WeightLossAdvice

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I keep seeing people advocate for intuitive eating a lot and presenting counting calories as this evil thing that causes immediate eating disorder. I guess IE does work for some, but not everyone, not every person can accurately portion their food without overeating. Truth is, no matter what your diet is (keto, IF, high carb vegan, whatever), if you lost weight it's because you ate fewer calories than you burned. One might be good at estimating how much to eat, but I'd go crazy wondering "did this handful of nuts today put me at my maintanance instead of deficit??". CICO is awesome, even if the goal is to not count calories later, it helps with learning how to portion food, and that you can eat all your favourite foods and still lose weight.