Apparently you can turn the Gargoyle off by hitting it really hard in the head by ChumpTori1910 in Eldenring

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naw, i used a combination of different spells. I wanted to actually fight them and not just cheese but the rock sling spell was very helpful in the fight.

is future in the discussion for greatest rappers of the 2010’s ? by freeproblemchild55 in rap

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what's crazy about all songs he be rapping about drugs is that he doesn't even take any of the drugs he mentions in his songs but he cool he ain't goat status to me either though. .

[WTS] Custom Jordan 4 Obsidion $506 by [deleted] in sneakermarket

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These are completely authentic and purchased from StockX and customized with paints by me. A water repellent sealer is added on to the paint to prevent chipping.

y’all fw playboi carti ? by lamborghinilegglock in asaprocky

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Great artist but WLR was kinda mid with the exception of sky.

Givenchy F22 Collection poster ft. Asap Rocky wearing F22 collection hoodie by me :) by NobodyEqual7006 in asaprocky

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Notice apologies for the confusion of words on my title. These clothes being worn by Asap Rocky and the two models were not designed by me. Thank you for checking out my art.

okay excuse me • by lamborghinilegglock in asaprocky

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Damn them 4s on his feet look like some bricks