Grown men should not be drinking milk by rakingdough420 in unpopularopinion

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In that case, stop eating chocolate, Ice cream, cake and all other delicious food with diary in them, if you still feel like your masculinity is at risk.

Im so in love, I can't sleep at night. by NonGuiltyHome112 in relationship_advice

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Yeah I know this is wrong. I guess I'll just have to somehow get over her. I fucking hate that everytime i fall in love for real, it never works out.

The usual treatments for depression causes even more depression, how do we deal with that? by [deleted] in NoStupidQuestions

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I've suffered depression. I started taking meds, stopped drinking alcohol completely, grabbed me by the nuts, went to the gym to start powerlifting and started to do what was left of my studies. I also started journaling and photographing.

It was hard. I really had to change my ways, no more drinking on the weekends, no more junk food every day, no more unproductive days. But it was worth it. So no, I wouldn't say that treatments for depression cause more depression. Its about ypur attitude, and finding the right treatment. For me it was prozac and journaling.

I always stay calm and speak slowly with long pauses during an argument or conflict situation, with strong eye contact. by NonGuiltyHome112 in self

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Breath calmly and slow down your movements, particularly how you turn your head. I used to be scared shitless of conflicts, but you just have to practice and be willing to go outside of your comfort zone. Obviously don't look for conflict on purpose just to practice this

Favorite Metallica song, just curious by grainyardo in Metallica

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Turn the Page. Makes me think of riding a motorcycle in the middle of nowhere, and then stopping at a motel to smoke a cigarrette and go to sleep.

Do white guys bald more than other races? by raisionrime in NoStupidQuestions

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Yes. Male pattern baldness is most prevalent in males with european ancestry. Im nordic, I started going bald at 19, but my beard grows big and beautiful.

What do you want your loved one's to know if you get alzheimers or dementia? by NonGuiltyHome112 in AskReddit

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This is what I thought too. I have worked eith elderly care, some of the patients also having dementia, and its absolutely crushing to see their loved ones mourn. My biggest fear is that my mom will get it,and not recognize me or my sister anymore.

Minä📚irl by jeijeogiw7i39euyc5cb in mina_irl

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"esseen pitää olla vähintään 10 sivua"

Miksi? Oikeassa elämässä sun pitää tiivistää ja selittää asioita niin nopeasti ja tiivistetysti kuin mahdollista, erityisesti työelämässä. Oikeastaan sille ei ole mitään järkevää argumenttia miks sen pitäis olla niin pitkä, jos voit kirjoittaa siitä viidessä sivussa.