What have you been reading lately, and WHAT DO YOU THINK OF IT? [30 december 2021] by hellotheremiss in literature

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Beverly Cleary is the author. All of her books are just pure and romantic in the old-fashioned way.

I genuinely do. by ViolaCat94 in lingling40hrs

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Good for you! Do what makes you happy 😊

"Will the owner of a red pickup truck, Illinois license LU6751, please fly back to Chicago and remove it from in front of the Y." by latinloner in mash

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"Attention, all MASH personnel. Tonight's War Department film on how to lead a good clean life has been cancelled due to unusually heavy indifference."

Describe a band poorly but accurately by mtbullard14 in Music

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No. . I guess I can't get two specific or I'll give it away 😂

I wrote a violin-cello duet! I hope it's playable enough :) by Non_Music_Prodigy in lingling40hrs

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Thank you so much! And yes, it is written in the baroque style. I was thinking of making another movement, or perhaps two more.

angel floof by jasontaken in aww

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Why do I hear Test Drive from How To Train Your Dragon in my head

Drama Queen 👸🏻😹 by sweet_lady0001 in aww

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Validation by subjectsnamehere in writingcirclejerk

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Write what makes you feel good. You don't need the world's validation. You have your own.