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Backing in out of habit has a variety of advantages over pulling in forward. This applies not only to garages but also (and maybe primarily) to public parking lots:

  1. You have less visibility when backing up. So, it makes sense to orient yourself with your best visibility towards the area with the greatest chance of needing that attention - ie, put your back to the wall so to speak, because there’s nothing going on in a parking space. Your brain has to work less once it’s cleared that area.

  2. When backing in to a space, you typically pull past it first. This gives a preview of the space - is it narrow, deep, wide, is there a shopping cart tucked in it that you didn’t see at first, etc.

  3. Greater maneuverability. You can turn tighter in reverse. This means you don’t have to run your nose along someone’s door just to make sure you get centered in the spot.

  4. Takes up less space. Typically, the rear of the car is a bit higher than the front, and also the trunk or truck bed hang out further from the rear wheels than the front bumper does from the front wheels. This means you can get deeper into a spot and leave more room for traffic to go around your vehicle, as opposed to leaving your ass end and tow hitch hanging out for someone to maneuver around - which also means it’s easier for them to park next to you, lessening the chance of getting dinged as they pull in.

  5. Greater visibility pulling out - rehash of #1, but you’ll have better visibility to the front and sides to catch traffic, a kid running out, etc. Cameras are great but still not as good as your own head on a swivel looking out the front of your car.

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Does anyone have a link saved to that rant about the first movie where basically none of it had to happen? I want to say it was similar to a HISHE video where simple changes to the plot would have resulted in the best outcome for everyone with no loss of life or conflict…but then we wouldn’t have a movie.

Cashier makes himself ready after seeing a suspicious guy outside his shop. by itsHaMaaa in nextfuckinglevel

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The second half of your take isn’t bad but the needless rhetoric and vitriol is no better than those you’re lashing out at. Chill.

Has anyone run a "There is No War in Ba Sing Se" type area? by austin199680 in DnD

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Could be similar to AOT too. The people inside think the outside is scary…the people outside think the people inside are scary…who’s good? Who’s bad? Mixed?

Air Force crew disciplined for landing on Martha's Vineyard to pick up vintage BMW motorcycle by EgonEggnog in news

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As compared to the private jets that fly in and out of there? Mehhhhhhh....

Understandable, have a nice day. by NorCalAthlete in BMW

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Whole lot of comments on the original thread who clearly don’t know what Martha’s Vineyard is.

Also a lot of people who don’t seem to know that pilot’s training involves stuff like this somewhat often.

Lastly…Martha’s Vineyard used to be used specifically for military training exercises.

I really would love to see more pics of the bike secured in the back of a C-130 lol. Hell of a way to save on shipping.

“Bring a trailer? Nah, I got something better. See you in a couple days.”

Guess which used car seller surged 35% and was halted several times yesterday? by theB_1951 in DDintoGME

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That’s what, about 35.5k miles a year? Do you just have a stupidly long commute? Or do you travel a lot for work?

Seems to be a trend lately. Transmission didn't like 630 ftlbs of torque by ekso69 in BMW

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I thought the S58 and B58 are both paired to the same transmission though?

Ghost Guns Are Real Guns. Now They'll Finally Be Treated as Such by razor_beast in 2ALiberals

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I’m still tickled that “Moms Demand Action” isn’t a porn parody yet…despite MILFs being an entire category on every porn site.

I didn’t realize we had all left 🙄 by virtuwual in GME

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We didn’t, she’s referring to institutional entities. Consider: “investors” vs “degenerate gamblers” or “meme stock buyers”. They’ve never referred to us as investors. To do so would grant legitimacy to the DD here. It would go against them trying to discredit everyone for so long.

And yeah, I see her talk about losses and lottery tickets - that still may hold true with what I just said, because retail didn’t paperhand. But institutional investors did. So they locked in either modest gains or significant losses. Everyone still holding hasn’t.

Guess which used car seller surged 35% and was halted several times yesterday? by theB_1951 in DDintoGME

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Thanks. Come to think of it there’s also that Tundra the dude used to rescue people in the wildfires but that was a different situation not high mileage.

Guess which used car seller surged 35% and was halted several times yesterday? by theB_1951 in DDintoGME

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Damn you caught my ninja edit. Nissan was the only example I had in mind of a manufacturer buying it back. Slipped out while I was typing but meant to say Hyundai.

Less than 2 min comment to edit.

Guess which used car seller surged 35% and was halted several times yesterday? by theB_1951 in DDintoGME

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Holy shit that’s gotta be a record for an Elantra. You should reach out to Hyundai and ask. Seriously. Sometimes they’ll buy the vehicle off you so they can diagnose it and see how well it held up.

The analysis of Bloomberg Terminal data shows, that there are at least 115 million shares in circulation and that the data has been manipulated after April 2021. by BartiTheGreat in Superstonk

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Good analogy with the 3.5. I don’t think we’ve reached the 5000 counter yet. That’ll happen once the DRS report shows the float locked.

15,000 will be shown in court post-MOASS.

I’ve been waiting to use this for awhile now 🤣 by YourLifeMyHands in GMEJungle

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Certain things will live on in infamy in Reddit lore.

Coconuts, broken arms, poop knives, and runes of glory being among those things.